Get To Know These 10 Incredible Contestants Of ‘Physical: 100’ S2

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A year ago, the first season of Physical: 100 had us glued to the screen and won us over with its intense challenges, inspiring competitors, and cast camaraderie.

Now, the hit Korean reality series is back again with a passionate and more diverse group of players vying to take the crown and the cash — KRW300 million (or around SGD301,633) to be exact! Who will endure and win it all in Physical: 100 Season 2 - Underground? From Lee Won Hee to Sim Yu Ri, we’ve rounded up the buzzworthy contestants taking the internet by storm.

Physical: 100 Season 2 - The Underground contestants

The search for the ‘perfect physique’ is on. (Photo from:

Physical: 100 Season 2 - The Underground: episode schedule and where to watch in Singapore

If you haven’t tuned in yet, Episodes 1 to 4 are now on Netflix. Succeeding episodes will be out every Tuesday. Stay tuned for more details on how the show will turn out!

Trending Physical: 100 Season 2 - Underground contestants

1. Lee Won Hee

'Physical 100' - Lee Won Hee

National judo athlete Lee Won Hee. (Photo from: @judo_is_leewonhee)

Beyond the show, Lee Won Hee — who led his team to victory in the Maze Conquest, the excruciating second quest in the series — is a real-life champion in the judo world. Other than bagging trophies in the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2003 Asian Championships, 2003 World Championships, and 2006 Asian Games, he is also a professor at Yongin University and the head coach of the South Korean Women's Judo National Team.

2. Justin Harvey

'Physical 100' - Justin Harvey

Actor Justin Harvey. (Photo from: @justin.irrelevance)

South African actor Justin Harvey has appeared in various Korean movies such as The Childe and The Witch: Part 2. The Other One. He also received the honorary citizenship award from the Seoul Mayor in 2021 for his love for K-culture. Justin Harvey might have a foreign face, but it’s as if he has Korean blood running in his veins. 

He has moved past the first quest, and we are excited to see how he will fare in the second challenge next week.

3. Hong Beom Seok

'Physical 100' Hong Beom Seok

Soldier and firefighter Hong Beom Seok. (Photo from: @hongbeomseok_)

This man is on a mission to redeem himself. Hong Beom Seok appeared in the first season, but unfortunately did not make it past the first quest. This season, however, he proved himself in the pre-quest mission and came out on top with the most distance covered on the manual treadmill. 

He won the one-on-one Death Match against Lee Jang Jun from K-pop group Golden Child who also put up a good fight. Beom Seok has his eye on the prize and seems as if he would do anything to get to the top. The latest episode ended on a cliffhanger as to whether his team won or will be eliminated in the five-on-five maze challenge.

4. Jung Dae Jin

'Physical 100' Jung Dae Jin

Sports model and bodybuilder Jung Dae Jin with Kim Dong Hyun. (Photo from: @superbody__jin)

Jung Dae Jin is one of the team members of Kim Dong Hyun who won in the second challenge that involved moving sandbags to take over zones while strategically navigating a maze. 

Outside of the show, Dae Jin is already a winner in NABBA Korea, the country's biggest fitness contest. Check out his YouTube channel and see his collab videos with his fellow contenders here.

5. Kim Min Su

'Physical 100' Kim Min Su

Bodybuilder Kim Min Su. (Photo from: @ifbbpro_thanos)

Bodybuilder Kim Min Su AKA “Thanos” in Korea won against ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling) player Hwang Chan Seob, with the latter admitting that he had underestimated the bodybuilder, in the first quest. Min Su also became one of the top 10 leaders for the second quest and we can’t wait to see how he will lead his team to victory next week.

6. Kang So Yeon

'Physical 100' Kang So Yeon

TV personality Kang So Yeon. (Photo from: @kangsoyeon__)

Contestants and viewers alike noticed a familiar face when Kang So Yeon walked into the room in the first episode. That’s because she was one of the cast members in Single’s Inferno Season 1. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to witness her skills as she was eliminated in her one-on-one Death Match which wasn’t aired on the show. 

Beyond her participation in Physical: 100 Season 2, she’s a model, sports YouTuber, and singer. Talk about girl power!

7. Lee Jae Yoon

'Physical 100' Lee Jae Yoon

Actor Lee Jae Yoon. (Photo from: @goomapapa)

He was the memorable weight loss doctor in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Now, he’s back on our screens to show off his gains from jiu-jitsu (he has earned a brown belt in this sport) and CrossFit. He was also voted as one of the top 10 leaders for the second challenge.

8. Amotti

'Physical 100' Amotti

CrossFitter Amotti. (Photo from: @amottivation)

With his outgoing personality and easygoing smile, Amotti quickly became a fan-favourite on the show. 

Amotti is a CrossFitter, model, and is known for training at the Sweat on Seoul gym. You can check out his YouTube channel which has over 100K subscribers here.

9. Emmanuel

'Physical 100' Emmanuel

Fitness model Emmanuel. (Photo from: @_charles_emmy_)

Fitness model and bodybuilder, Emmanuel made his mark as the opponent of MMA fighter and variety show veteran Kim Dong Hyun in the one-on-one Death Match. 

Similar to the first season, the top 50 contestants battled it out in a chosen arena while holding onto a ball for three minutes or before the timer ends. Emmanuel gave everything he had but lost the ball when there were only 30 seconds left. 

Check out Emmanuel’s fitness-centric YouTube channel here.

10. Sim Yu Ri

'Physical 100' Sim Yu Ri

MMA fighter Sim Yu Ri. (Photo from: @yuri__94)

Sim Yu Ri is an MMA fighter who also represented Korea in the Cheongju World Martial Arts Masterships. Compared to her other fellow contestants, Sim Yu Ri picked a male to compete against in the Death Match — and she won! We love her fighter spirit, and we wish she made it past the second quest. Her team under Hwang Choong Won lost to Lee Won Hee’s team.

If the show follows the first season’s “Revival Challenge” mission, Sim Yu Ri and the other contestants who lost might still have a chance for redemption. 

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