What You Need To Know About ‘A Shop For Killers’ Starring Lee Dong-wook

Not your ordinary uncle

Action is his middle name. We’re talking about Lee Dong-wook who’s taking over our screens with his new drama A Shop for Killers. We’ve rounded up what you need to know about the plot, cast, episode schedule, our review, and where you can watch it in Singapore.

'A Shop for Killers': cast, episode schedule, and where to watch in Singapore

Meet the badass uncle and niece duo. (Photo from: @disneyplussg)

A Shop for Killers: trailer, plot, and cast

Lee Dong-wook is a well-known heartthrob who starred in K-dramas such as Goblin, Tale of the Nine Tailed, and Bad and Crazy. In this series, he’s playing the role of the mysterious uncle named Jeong Jinman who runs a secret weapons business.

Rising actress Kim Hye-jun (Kingdom) portrays the role of his niece, Jeong Jian, who suddenly finds out about her uncle’s alter ego after the police inform her of his “suicide”. Meanwhile, former child actor Park Ji-bin (Boys Over Flowers) takes on the role of Bae Jeong-min — her classmate whose hacking skills allow them to crack into the underground shopping mall.

Other cast members include Seo Hyun-woo (Flower of Evil) as the sniper Lee Seong-jo, Geum Hae-na (Run On) as the skilled killer So Min-hye, and Jo Han-sun (Hot Stove League) as Veil, a killer feared by other villains.

From left to right - Jo Han-sun, Seo Hyun-woo, Geum Hae-na, Kim Hye-jun, Lee Dong-wook, and Park Ji-bin.

A Shop for Killers is based on a novel of a similar name, A Killer’s Shopping List. It has similar vibes found in other action-packed Disney+ K-dramas Vigilante and Moving. If those two are right up your alley, then this one is another worthy addition to your watchlist. 

A Shop for Killers review

Here are three reasons to watch A Shop for Killers.

1. The gripping plot

So far, the episodes of A Shop for Killers will keep you on the edge of your seat. Jian was raised by her uncle Jinman after her grandmother mysteriously died and her parents were murdered at the funeral. After her uncle also allegedly commits suicide, her world turns upside down after discovering that her uncle secretly owned a dark website for all kinds of weapons. She becomes the target of people who weren’t necessarily her uncle’s enemies but were ready to kill for money. 

2. The cast’s powerful acting skills

If you’ve only seen Lee Dong-wook in romantic dramas, get ready to swoon over him in his new role as a protective uncle. He nailed the part of someone who could mercilessly kill the bad guys one minute and genuinely care for his traumatised niece.

But aside from him, you’ll stay for the other cast members. The child actress who played the younger Jian will warm your heart as she tries to overcome her fears. You could say she did some heavy lifting for the first half of the series since various flashbacks were shown.

As for the older Jian, it was also easy to empathise with her. She perfectly portrayed what it’s like to want to live on your own and to grieve over her uncle’s death. You’ll also root for her as she becomes determined to be trained in muay thai and how she struggles to focus and decide for herself as flying bullets and highly trained assassins surround her.

3. The intriguing mysteries

We’re already halfway through the series, but it seems that we have more questions than answers, especially about the bizarre shopping mall. We believe this is one of the drama’s charms — its various mysteries will keep you glued to the screen and leave you wanting more. 

For example, we see the corpse of Jinman at the morgue, but we can’t help but wonder, especially after one of the characters named Min-hye poses the question: is he really dead? If he did, who killed him? Was it the same person who killed their other family members? We can’t wait to see how everything will fall into place. 

A Shop for Killers: episode schedule and where to stream in Singapore

Episodes 1 to 4 are now available on Disney+ Singapore. Two new episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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This article was first published on 26 January 2024. Last updated: 31 January 2024.

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