3 Foretelling Females On Guiding The Way To An Uncertain Future

Forging destinies and seeking clarity

The future is... well, a tricky thing to tell. Life, after all, is an absolute roller coaster — at every unexpected twist and deliberate turn, you'll be brought to exhilarating heights as well as depressing downs. If we can't always know for sure what's in store for us, then we at least want to know what action to take to see the best possible outcome.

For this, a lot turn to the mystic arts for help, enlisting physical or online tarot and psychic readings among many others to get an outside perspective in their life. Undoubtedly, this isn't an easy thing to wrap your head around, especially if you're a sceptic. So three foretelling females share with us how they use their great intuition and spiritual connections to light our path amidst this uncertainty that looms before us. 

Women who lead the way

Chinggay Labrador of Practical Magic has found magic in everywhere through her use of the tarot. She first got into the practice in 2013. While undergoing training as a yoga teacher, Chinggay discovered Elle North, who taught and linked tarot to yoga. She enjoyed reading cards, and having discovered that many of her friends were interested in getting guidance through it as well, Chinggay officially set up her reading practice.

Don't mistake for one second that she does predictions on our future though — she turns to tarot to bridge gaps, using the mystical to answer our current life's questions in a straightforward way. "I believe that no one can really tell what will happen next, but if we can figure ourselves out now, make peace with our past, and do our best to stay grounded in the present, we can take on whatever happens with clear hearts and minds," she noted.


There are many ways to find the answer to your life's questions

Likewise Kelly Tan, Lightworker and Priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, doesn't think the future is something that's fixed and we can easily predict. "The future is a living thing, a dynamic process that we help co-create with our choices," she explained, adding, "Our choices shape our fate." But by using psychotherapy techniques and connecting with Angels, Spirit Guides, and deceased loved ones, she works to help us navigate through life. "We are each a perfect, intricate combination of mind, body, and spirit. My practice honours that beautiful complexity," Kelly added.

There's also Leshara Onandia Maniego who, through her practice, Ascension Vortex, helps align people with their soul path — their purpose and mission. Her practice involves daily meditation and communication with Divine beings, helping out through tarot reading and vision reading with her clairvoyance. "Having a strong connection to these Divine beings reminds us of our true spiritual nature albeit in human form," she stated and mentioned how calling out to them can help us heal, cope, and go through periods of transition.

Finding the light


Stay on the right track by keeping an open mind and fine-tuning your intuition

These practices, undeniably, are a lot to take in. It's not for everyone, and it's definitely your choice if you're seeking help in these ways.  Still, turning to these intuitive practices have aided many in their lives, one way or another. In Leshara's words, "These can all be accessed by anyone who is willing to open their eyes to a reality beyond the physical form and world we live in."

We see exactly that in former sceptics like Chelsie, who recounts being brought along by her mum to street-side fortune tellers and tarot readers when she was young. Aside from not wanting to hear the advice of people who don't personally know them and their struggles, the 22-year-old med student confessed, "I used to be afraid of them because I didn’t want to know if there was some bad stuff happening to my family." But she ended up softening to it when she found that what they had to say actually came true. Now, she's become the sort of person who regularly checks out vlogs that do general readings. She was also delighted to share that seeking advice through a personal reading recently helped her straighten out her confusing love life, so she's definitely open to having her cards read further in the future.

Tarot cards -- online tarot and psychic readings

Many turn to tarot and oracle readings when faced with a roadblock

Tarot seems to be one of the most common and accessible methods of divination for many. Aside from Chelsie, 24-year-old Marketing Specialist Eli use tarot readings to get an insight into what's happening in her life. Though it has existed for centuries, it's still something that's being used today as "they hold this really old wisdom that we can use every day," she professed.

There's also Ken Segun, who adopted tarot reading as a hobby. He doesn't really use it to guide his life, but through it, he acts as a mirror to help others make sense of theirs. The 26-year-old sees it as a mindfulness tool to help clear and ground both the reader's and the questioner's mind. "I just kind of believe that our brains know what's up but it's just busy processing everything and a tarot reading sesh helps fine-tune its capability to process information better," he expounded. Tarot reading trained Ken to yield and let go of his biases to better help others — something that also greatly helps with his work in Physical Therapy, where he has to assess his patients' psychologies to help connect them to their treatment. 

Connecting through the virtual realm

Phone apps

You can now access free, helpful online tarot and psychic readings through various apps

We're way past the era where you seek out mystic and spiritual guides to have a reading done face to face. With the onset of technology, a lot of them have started to share general readings and guides on social media. Apps like Co-Star, Labyrinthos, and many more are also there to help you sort through the day. For help that would cater to your specific issues, of course, guides like Chinggay, Kelly, and Leshara are always there for remote consultations, offering online tarot and psychic readings among many other services. It's especially helpful and convenient, especially in these days where physical distancing is a must. 

However, while being online helps us to easily communicate across far distances, every virtual social activity still feels a bit more impersonal. Nothing can beat the connections and energy we build when interacting with a real human being. No matter how high-tech and high-def, the pixelated versions of these exchanges simply can't make up for that. Considering all these, it makes us wonder, would this barrier affect how our destinies are perceived and read? Well, the answer for the three ladies is simply no.

Browsing online

Booking online consultations are still a great help

Chinggay has previously explained on her blog that it's the intent that counts in online tarot readings. She sets aside time to read purposefully for the person who has put in a request. Wherever she may be, it doesn't matter. Making time and focusing on the task, according to Chinggay, is "putting it out there, that I’m ready to meet my intuition." Even without physical interactions, she believes people can connect energetically. "As long as my intention is to pull cards for you — which is what I do when I set aside time and think of you — I honestly believe whatever comes up will be JUST. FOR. YOU," she wrote.

Kelly shares a similar perspective, as she hasn't encountered any differences from her online and offline sessions. And that's saying a lot because she has conducted over two thousand readings, healings, exorcisms, and help remotely for people all over the world. "The Spirit realm perceives time and space very, very differently from us. Physical constraints don’t matter so much — what matters is energy, intention, and focus," she echoed Chinggay's sentiments, pointing out how immense spiritual discipline and wisdom helps them overcome limitations.

Leshara added, "Digitally or personally, it does not affect the accuracy of the reading at all." For her, like the others, it also all boils down to strong intuition. But it remains that one-on-one appointments have its pros too, as it gives you the freedom to ask all the questions you might have, as opposed to an online tarot and psychic where you simply email a question and receive a corresponding reading after an amount of time. Of course, how this all goes depends on who you reach out to and the kind of readings you turn to, so it's best you ask your go-to guide first.

Navigating futures

Walking on the road

Facing uncertainty can be daunting, but looking to your past and present can help you decide on the next best step

It's hard to paint a vivid picture of our future. Calling back to Kelly's words earlier, it's ever-changing, and what lies ahead may shift depending on the choices we make. Still, we can get a sense of what's before us by analysing past patterns and reflecting on our present.

Kelly looks to astrology and foresees that the Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn this year might affect the next. "The last time [this] occurred was in 1982, while the world was reeling from [an epidemic] — the HIV/AIDS — and a global recession," she noted. It greatly mirrors our present situation and, whether you believe in astrology or not, you can't deny how this disease and instability is forcing us to consider our lives as a collective. Kelly further pointed out, "Capricorn is also a Cardinal Earth sign, so we’ll have to face the truth about how we’re treating our planet — and how we can save this earth before we destroy everything in it, including ourselves."

Running free

Move towards a brighter future by being proactive

Close to this, Leshara sees 2020 as "The Year of Alignment," meaning there will be many changes collectively and individually. "Many pains, struggles and events will act as catalysts and Truths will come to the surface," she detailed, moving us forward to the next year where she sees movement taking place. Because the pandemic made us rethink what matters to us, the movement will happen collectively as "people will be relocating, bringing inspired works of art, changing careers, relationships making things happen." In short, "people will choose not to delay any further what needs to be done" and take action.

Perceiving all these, the challenge for us in 2021, and for the years to come, according to Kelly, is for us all to rise to the occasion and overcome it all.  The present is bleak and everything is uncertain, but Kelly said, "I choose to have faith in us. We’ve done it before; we can do it again."

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