Will There Be Podcasts On Twitter Soon?

Spoiler: Not everyone’s happy about it

Twitter rolled out the Spaces feature in 2020, allowing for more audio content on the platform. This year, Spaces was improved even further, with users now able to record and archive live voice conversations after the sessions have concluded. However, it seems like Twitter is pushing this feature one step further as rumours of an upcoming Podcast feature come to light.

Just hours after reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong’s tweet about Twitter’s new possible addition to the platform, people were quick to share their thoughts. Some users said it’s basically what Spaces already is and that it is “dumb” to even roll it out. Another user complained that Twitter should instead bring back Fleets (the platform’s version of Instagram Stories/Facebook My Day that was quickly phased out after it was launched).

Twitter podcasts rumoured feature

The internet isn't too pleased with Twitter's rumoured Podcast feature.

It’s not the first time for social media platforms to offer more features to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. Just recently, Facebook also rolled out Reels, which is originally a feature on its Meta-sister platform Instagram. And yes, Reels looks eerily similar to TikTok’s short-form video format. Meanwhile, TikTok is confirmed to introduce 10-minute videos on its platform soon, rivaling YouTube’s long-form content. Talk about an endless cycle, right?

What do you think of these social media changes, especially Twitter’s podcast feature?

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