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We're calling it — all things squishy and jelly-like are set to dominate this year's trends! In fact, as early as now, we're seeing this ring true with Gentle Monster's upcoming 2024 Jelly collection. Read on as we share sneaks of the collection that have been spotted on social media and reveal the release date.

Gentle Monster 2024 Jelly Collection: What we know

Gentle Monster Jelly Collection

Gentle Monster is coming out with a jelly eyewear collection. (Photo from: @gentlemonster

Korean luxury eyewear brand Gentle Monster just dropped teasers for its new Gentle Jelly collection! As seen in the photos revealed on social media so far, the eyewear pieces come in pastel hues with gummy-inspired details. These accents include hearts, stars and flowers resemblinge jelly treats that we loved (and still do) growing up!

Several content creators over on TikTok have already gotten their hands on the collection and have given viewers a sneak peek at the products and packaging. In an unboxing video by @yamatoinoue__0612, we noticed that  the eyewear pieces come in adorable zipped packaging that bear an uncanny resemblance to Haribo gummies. The pieces also come in different “flavours”, depending on the colour and design of the eyewear inside.

@yamatoinoue__0612 GENTLE JELLY🦖🍭💜 @gentlemonster #gentlemonster#gentlejelly #unboxing ♬ Praisethelordhappyhabichtmashup - habicht

Another user, @rachelteetyler, likewise received a similar box from the brand and shared that there are five unique glasses in the package. She adds that the jelly-like details are squishy to the touch. From her video, it seems that the key colours for this collection are pink, black, rainbow and a red-and-green gradient.

@rachelteetyler SCREAMING @gentlemonster 😩🤓 #gentlejelly #gentlemonster ♬ original sound - Rachel Tee Tyler

The 2024 Jelly Collection comes out on 19 January and will be available in Gentle Monster stores and on their website. We're also keeping our eyes peeled on the collection's launch availability in Singapore.

We’re calling it — the jelly trend is set to take over 2024

Jellyfish Trend for 2024

The Jelly trend as predicted by Pinterest. (Photo from:

You jelly? This new trend is inspired by the jellyfish (obviously), has sparked a mutual love among Gen Zs and millennials. According to Pinterest Predicts 2024, searches for terms related to jellyfish and jelly have seen a rise in recent months and are likely to increase even more as 2024 progresses.

The jelly trend is predicted to be everywhere — from home decor to beauty and even apparel. Think puffy silhouettes and lilac and blue tones reminiscent of the sea creature— these are expected to gain popularity in the coming months.

What do you think of the jelly trend?

(Cover photo from: @gentlemonster

Want to hop on the jelly trend? Here’s how you can create your own jelly nails.

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