3 Essential Tips On Building A Space You Can Thrive In For The New Year

Achieve work-life balance with these pieces of furniture from KING

Work from home is now the new norm in Singapore. While there are many advantages to it, there are, of course, some cons. One of which is having the line between personal and professional life blurred. This has led to burnout and more stress, with many workers fostering unhealthy boundaries and doing tasks outside of working hours.

It goes without saying that taking a break is as important as being productive. This is why building a conducive space at home that takes work-life balance seriously is essential. Looking to redecorate for the new year? We share three tips on designing a home environment you can thrive in whether you’re at work or at play.

Woman With Laptop

Working from home has become the new norm. (Photo from: kaboompics.com via Pexels)

Add a sofa to your home

Most ideas for modern spaces include introducing a spacious desk, an ergonomic computer chair, some shelves and organisers. These are important, of course, but if you really want to boost your productivity you’d want to add a sofa from KING. Surprised? Hear us out.

Breaks and rest are important to productivity. Yes, moving away from your workstation and getting that much-needed stretch and lounging is a must. To fully enjoy this, you’d want something comfortable yet sleek and easy to style coupled with innovative features like the KING Zaza Sofa.

Woman Sitting On KING Zaza Sofa

Zaza Sofa’s classic look will lend an air of sophistication to your home office.

This award-winning piece of furniture is designed in collaboration with leading Sydney-based designer Charles Wilson, who is known for his sophisticated, experimental designs. You can see his influence in Zaza Sofa’s classic silhouette — which is made even more elegant with its soft neutral tones. The Zaza Sofa isn't just a mere statement piece, it's functional and the modular design allows for easy reconfiguration as well. It comes equipped with adaptable arms and back which you can adjust seamlessly to your liking. The versatility of this sofa lets you work and rest, boosting your productivity accordingly. You can choose to set it at an angle so you can sit back and relax with your laptop or have the back rest almost fully reclined for a quick power nap.

KING Zaza Sofa Details

With the KING Zaza Sofa, you’ve got personalized comfort at your fingertips.

Once you hit the couch to get your much-needed break from work, you’ll be enveloped into Zaza Sofa’s plush KING Ultradown® cushioning designed to accommodate your body’s shape. These are supported by a robust steel frame that boasts the same Postureflex® seating system used in European luxury cars.

Completing the sleek design are the slender yet sturdy steel legs with a luxe-looking dark bronze finishing. KING offers a variety of sizes too; you can choose from a single armchair or a two-seater to even a three or six-seater.

Invest in a bed for your modern needs

When you’re working from home, it can be a challenge to sign out mentally from your job. As you wind down for the evening, a good-quality bed built with technologically advanced features may just be the retreat you need to cast the thoughts of unread emails and unfinished tasks away for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Meet the KING Jasper Bed.

This sleek piece has an integrated gesture-controlled Lume Light which comes in handy for some pleasure reading before going to sleep.

Modern bed with light and ledge

The Jasper Bed comes with convenient Lume Lighting.

An integrated timber side table is also added to the bed for your bedside essentials. They could be a glass of water or your favourite warm night time beverage. It’s also where you can place your audio device as you listen to a guided meditation or a calming ambient music.

You don't have to leave your bed to charge your electronics, the Jasper bed is equipped with wireless charging technology. To top it all off, hidden storage is built in the piece for the ultimate space-saving hack.

Bed With Ledge Holding Glass And Book

A convenient built-in side table will keep your night time essentials close at hand.

After a long day, the Jasper bed provides a restful sleep with stable support and maximum breathability — perfect for Singapore's humid weather.

Get a dining table that allows you to multitask

Another space-saving option you can consider is to transform your dining area into your workstation during the day. It’s a convenient arrangement that allows you to grab a snack to keep you fuelled while working. For functionality and timeless design, you might want to check out the KING Quay Dining Table.

It has a nifty extension table feature hidden within the frame so it opens up additional space where you can set up a personal workspace easily.

Marble Dining Table

A classic piece that will elevate your home — practically and aesthetically.

Aside from being a practical pick, this table can also be considered as decor; its refined design is the epitome of understated elegance. The Quay Dining Table channels the trendy but timeless Japandi interior look – an interior design trend that combines Japanese and Scandinavian styles – with the harmonious combination of subtle curves and symmetrical lines.

You can pick from premium materials customised to best suit your style, from European marble to warm timber veneer or a high-performance ceramic top suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Talk about top-notch design and functional longevity!

Make the most out of working from home with pieces that not only inspire productivity but also allow you to enjoy a work-life balance.

This story was created in partnership with KING.

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