Downy’s New Scent Promises To Refresh Your Clothes — And Your Vibe

Breathe new life into your clothes and your days with Downy Blissful Blossom

Whether you’re working from home, commuting to work, or dealing with a hybrid work set-up, you know the struggle of feeling self-conscious about how you smell after dealing with sweat, pollution, and other odour-causing factors we encounter every day. It can certainly bring down your confidence. But you won’t need perfume to perk up your mood if you add a freshness-boosting softener to your laundry routine instead.

Downy Malaysia has a new fabric softener called Blissful Blossom that promises to leave your clothes smelling fresh like a bundle of roses long after it's been washed. Read on to know how it can refresh your clothes and vibe in one go.

Downy Malaysia Brand Ambassador Mira Filzah holding up the new Blissful Blossom scent

Downy Malaysia's newest fabric softener will leave you and your clothes smelling like a bouquet of roses.


Downy Blissful Blossom fabric softener: scent, ingredients, benefits


The fabric conditioner is made with essential oil extracted from natural ingredients. The result? A scent inspired by 1,000 types of roses. The subtle long-lasting floral aroma will stay on your clothes even after they've been dried, folded, and tucked away in your closet.

In addition to making your freshly washed clothes smell good, its unique formulation also helps prevent foul odour from clinging to and developing on your clothes while you’re wearing them. So you can be confident that you'll still smell good even after going about your daily routine.


Downy Blissful Blossom fabric softener close-up shot

Aside from leaving a lasting fresh scent on your clothes, Downy Blissful Bloom also keeps them soft and easy to iron.

Like other Downy fabric softeners, this one helps keep the fabric of your clothes soft and easy to iron. It also reduces the static-based stiffness so your clothes are always ready for you to wear.

Plus, it's been dermatologically tested and can be used on baby clothes. No triggering of skin allergies here!

Want to stay smelling fresh throughout the day? Taking care of your clothes is one way to do it!

The Downy Blissful Bloom is now available in Malaysia for MYR8.30 per 530ML, MYR13.40 per 800ML, or MYR20.70 per 1.35L at leading supermarkets.


This story was created in partnership with Downy Malaysia.

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