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From reel to real

Have you ever found yourself suddenly craving for the food being served on-screen while watching a film? It doesn't matter if they're real or animated; they all look so delectably mouthwatering, the snacks you're munching on couldn't possibly compare. If you ever wanna have what they're having, you can now. Taste the dishes you'd never thought you'd taste in real life thanks to a number of YouTube cooking channels recreating the most iconic movie food recipes. 


To help us achieve our dreams of becoming a master chef at home, Disney has been helping out quite a lot. Aside from letting us in on the signature recipes of their most popular theme park food, since last January, they've also started sharing a recipe per month from beloved Pixar films. Check out Pixar's official YouTube channel and discover how incredibly doable it is to whip up Toy Story 4's Pizza Planet Pizza and Ian's Birthday Cake from Onward. And it's not just that — throughout each video, you'll find yourself helped around by the animated doodles of the characters, making learning how to cook an extra magical affair. Note though that they don't include exact measurements of the ingredients, so you'll be pushed to work your imagination and experiment — thereby creating a dish that's totally yours.

Try: The title dish from the Pixar short, Bao. As it is when you bake, kneading the dough for the wrap can be incredibly therapeutic and especially enjoyable to do with kids (if you have them). Beware though, your freshly steamed pork dumplings might end up being too adorable to eat.

Binging with Babish

Out of the hundreds of YouTube cooking channels you'll find out there, Andrew Rea's Binging with Babish is one of the few dedicated to sampling how fictional foods taste like. The American filmmaker has probably attempted to recreate all there is in pop culture. He has tried Spongebob's Krabby Patties, a few in-game recipes from the adventure game Legend of Zelda, and even did interesting and safely edible takes on some iconic consumables from the TV show Breaking Bad. And of course, he's shared a lot of movie food recipes as well, so head over to his channel for a treasure trove of sumptuous (and sometimes horrible) treats. 

Try: Shawarma from Marvel's The Avengers. It's been eight years since the superhero film premiered, but aren't you still intrigued with just how satisfyingly good the shawarma they were eating at the post-credits scene tastes like?

Feast of Fiction

Another channel that attempts to recreate recipes from films, shows, books, and a whole lot more is Feast of Fiction. Hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams pay homage to pop culture by not only crafting real-life movie food recipes but also by creating a whole new dish as inspired by pop culture. More than being a plain instructional cooking show, Feast of Fiction makes cooking and baking extra quirky and lively thanks to the duo's culinary wisdom and nerdy cred. They've been at it for nine years now, and seeing people extremely passionate about what they do just makes you more excited to try things out, doesn't it? 

Try: The Herring Pie from Kiki's Delivery Service. Delivering this pie was one of Kiki's first few tasks when she started her new job in town. We saw how much effort it took the doting old lady to bake and have this delivered just in time for her granddaughter's birthday and the scene full of trials just makes you curious how great this pie would taste in real life.

Rosanna Pansino

Vlogger Rosanna Pansino churns out content that ranges all topics. You'll find her playing through fun video games, trying out new viral TikTok food trends, and even singing opera. But, arguably, one of the most fun segments on her channel is Nerdy Nummies, a geeky cooking show where she creates sweets based on sci-fi and fantasy characters. Occasionally, though, she also attempts to recreate savoury dishes as seen on a film or show. 

Try: Harley Quinn's Perfect Egg Sandwich recipe. If you managed to catch the Birds of Prey in cinemas earlier this year, you'll know how incredibly mouth-watering it was seeing this cheesy favourite grilled in slow-mo. 

Cocktail Chemistry

Cocktail Chemistry is something you probably won't find in a list of YouTube cooking channels because, well, technically, it isn't one. Instead of cooking up food, this channel instead shares recipes for cocktails that you can easily try at home. They have a series called Recreated, where the host concocts drinks based on those you'll spot on films, shows, and comics.

Try: Butterbeer from Harry Potter. Neither the books nor the films give a hint of what comprises this butterscotch-like beverage that can be legally consumed by students. The person behind Cocktail Chemistry took it upon himself to create his own alcoholic version of this beer that made Hogsmeade such a must-visit destination.

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