5 Ways To Make TikTok's Pancake Cereal Trend More Fun

For the love of breakfast

TikTok, everyone’s favourite social media platform this quarantine, brings us another food trend that we can all definitely get behind: pancake cereal. That’s right! If you love breakfast as much as we do (it is the most important meal of the day, after all), then this TikTok trend is perfect because it's foolproof, delectable, and so easy to make. All you have to do is get a pre-made pancake mix or whip up your own trusty pancake batter recipe, create mini pancakes in the size of coins (or a tad bigger because why not), put them in a bowl and garnish them the way you want to. Ta-da!


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But as adorable and Instagrammable regular pancake cereal is, it seems like there are ways to make this easy recipe even more fun and delicious. Curious? We lined up some exciting recipes to elevate your pancake cereal experience this quarantine period. 

Comfort in chocolate


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Remember in Harry Potter when they used chocolate to help ease people attacked by Dementors? Well, it’s not all fiction. There’s actually scientific evidence to support that chocolate indeed makes us happy. No wonder we typically crave for it during episodes of stress and anxiety. So if you’re looking for that extra comfort during this quarantine period, combining this TikTok food trend with a heap of chocolate is one great way to go. It takes no effort to mix them together but is definitely an effective comfort food while you’re cooped up indoors during this time.

Perfect for: Those who love indulgent treats but are not into high-stress prep. Plus, chocolate is a universal favourite, making this a definite win no matter who you’re sharing this recipe with. 

Make it fun, fun, funfetti


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Funfetti is a popular cake flavour because it elevates a vanilla base with a ton of colourful sprinkles. Despite being easy to do, it's quite visually enticing. For a 'gram-worthy take on the pancake cereal, this is definitely what you should be trying. 

Perfect for: Anyone who loves pink — and rainbow colours —  sweets, and anything that has to do with a bright aesthetic. It’s also a great birthday cake alternative for quarantine celebrations if you don’t have enough ingredients to whip up a real cake.

Cereal-infused waffle cereal


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Yes, you read that right. This next recipe really goes meta with crushed cereal being incorporated into the pancake batter to create the ultimate breakfast masterpiece. In the recipe above, they used Fruity Pebbles, but you can definitely make this with your cereal of choice. You can also turn it into a waffle to level up if you have a waffle maker available. 

Perfect for: People who love all-day breakfasts. You’re the type who can never get enough of pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs and all things in between no matter what time of day it is. Now, you can have every single breakfast item you love in one bowl thanks to this trend.

Breakfast sweets but make them healthy

If you’re cringing about how high on sugar this new food trend is but would still like to give it a try, here's something for you. This recipe uses a mix of vegan ingredients that deliver on the flavour minus the excess sugar. Then, make it look extra pretty with fresh berries!  

Perfect for: Health-conscious folks or those looking to switch to a healthier diet great alternative for those who want to switch up their diets during this self-isolation period.

Prank it up


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Since this TikTok food trend is all about making things small, why not take it one step further and make an entire breakfast plate of small food items? We’re talking mini pancakes, mini eggs, and mini bacon just like in the video above. Funny, right? Why not take it even one step further and create more of these mini versions until you can fill up your cereal bowl? It definitely takes a lot of effort, but for the name of amusement — and an actually enjoyable breakfast treat — we say why not? 

Perfect for: Those who are always up for a good laugh. This isn’t exactly the most practical take on this trend, but if you have the time and are in the mood to amp up the fun in the kitchen, this is definitely one worth trying.

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