FAVE 5: Cravings Satisfied

Scrumptious bites aplenty

We all have our weaknesses when it comes to foods that we can’t help but indulge in from time and time. For some, it’s reaching for a bag of salty potato chips whenever work deadlines begin to pile up. For others, it might be tucking into a hot bowl of soup to uplift our mood on a rainy day. Curious to know which delicious dishes the Clozette Community has been enjoying recently? Scroll on to find out.

Baby basque burnt cheesecakes

baby basque cheesecakes dessert
(Photo from: ShineeeDee)

Bulgogi lovin’

bulgogi and kimchi with rice set
(Photo from: jeannelucero)

But first, ramen

ramen with small bites
(Photo from: gella__)

Room service delights

stout and japanese food
(Photo from: CherylTay)

Penne-wise pasta

penne pasta flatlay
(Photo from: Winnieloves)

(Cover photo from: Winnieloves)

Ready to channel your inner chef? Try your hand at cooking these dishes from the world’s underrated foodie destinations.

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