Where To Buy Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

Delicious treats for you and your loved ones

The Mid Autumn Festival, which falls on 1 October this year, is a special yearly affair that encourages families to reunite and spend quality time with one another while indulging in delicious mooncakes and lantern lighting. Although this year’s celebrations will be held in socially-distanced settings in view of the pandemic, the festival is still a great opportunity for us to bond with our closest loved ones.

On that note, why not brighten someone’s day by sending them a set of mooncakes for them to share with their family? Read on as we round up the most delightful mooncakes we’ve seen thus far.

Ding Bakery

If variety’s your favourite food “genre”, then it’s high time you tried Ding Bakery’s assortment of premium baked mooncakes and snow skin mooncakes. Are you a fan of baked goods? Try the brand’s classic White Lotus with Double Yolk or Azuki Bean Mooncake. For snow skin mooncake lovers, go with the Earthy and Creamy Culinary Grade Matcha or the Flawlessly Fresh Earliglow Strawberry (from SGD99).

Awfully Chocolate

Sink your teeth into luxurious, chocolate truffle-flavoured delights as the homegrown chocolatier launches its special box of eight artisanal mooncakes which feature four rich flavours: Chocolate Autumn Berries, Matcha Dark Chocolate, Dark Milk Espresso and Caramel Calamansi. Available on their website or via Sinpopofairs.com at a special price of SG74.80 (Usual price: SGD88).

Baker’s Well

Ever wondered how a scotch whisky-flavoured mooncake would taste like? It’s time to explore bold new flavours with this humble baked goods cafe, which is offering three new truffle snow skin mooncake flavours this Mid Autumn festival: Scotch Whisky, Osmanthus Honey and Coconut. Can’t quite decide on which to go for? Pick up their Assorted Snowskin box (SGD78), which contains eight pieces, including three of their latest flavours above and five all-time favourites.

Four Seasons Durians

Can’t resist the strong aromatic scent of durians? Treat yourself to their Halal-certified, bite-sized Mini Mao Shan Wang Durian mooncakes, which are sold in a set of eight pieces. These delicious creations are made of 100% pure Mao Shan Wang durian puree, each encased in a thin, chewy snow skin layer.

Available via Sinpopofairs.com at a special price of SGD74.80 (Usual price: SGD88).

Four Seasons Hotel

Pamper yourself and your loved ones to the hotel’s selection of handcrafted mooncakes, which are curated by the chefs at Michelin-starred restaurant Jiang-Nan Chun.

In addition to their perennial favourites, the hotel is also offering snow skin mooncakes, such as the Litchi with Raspberry and Rose (SGD80), Bird’s Nest with Custard (SGD88), Mao Shan Wang Durian (SGD98) and Hazelnut Royaltine Chocolate (SGD80). Available for orders from 1 September.  

Goodwood Park Hotel

Help yourself to the hotel's exquisite collection of mooncakes, which includes their special 120th Anniversary Mooncake and two new snowskin mooncake flavours – refreshing Orange with Grape and Japanese Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Coconut Centre (left).

Don't forget to check out returning favourites too, such as their D24 Durian snowskin mooncakes and Blue Pea Flower with White Lotus Seed Paste and Melon Seeds mooncake. Now available for pre-orders till 24 September, 5pm.

InterContinental Singapore

The hotel has specially launched its new snow skin mooncake collection which features four well-loved heritage flavours: Chendol, Pulut Hitam and Durian Pengat and Pandan and Coconut Kaya. The mooncakes are also beautifully packaged in Peranakan-inspired tiffin carriers, making them perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Available now till 1 October via their website or Sinpopofairs.com at a special price of SGD71.40 (Usual price: SGD84).

Lady M

The pioneer of the well-loved Mille Crepes has partnered with Netflix and Pearl Studio to launch a limited-edition Mooncake Lantern that celebrates the new animation film, Over the Moon. The Lantern (SGD99) boasts a light-up feature, interactive design and six mini Lady M egg custard and chocolate custard mooncakes which were created in collaboration with Kee Wah Bakery. Available from 1 September at Lady M boutiques and online.

Mandarin Oriental

Unwind with a relaxing brew and tuck into their tea-infused mooncakes, which are presented by Cherry Garden restaurant. There’s the traditional baked Lugu Oolong Tea with Melon Seeds mooncake if you’re a fan of rich, strong flavours. Otherwise, try the Oolong Tea Infusion with Dried Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds snow skin mooncake if you prefer something sweet and fruity.

Available for orders via their online site, with prices starting from SGD45 for a box of two silver lotus paste mooncakes with single yolk.

The Lapis Place

Are you a fan of soft mochi snow skin mooncakes? Do not miss out on their 4-piece truffle snow skin mooncake set, which features four fun flavours: Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Ferrero Rocher, Lychee Martini and Peach. This set is perfect for those who wish to indulge in their sweet tooth and are unafraid to experiment with trendier flavours.

Available now till 1 October via Sinpopofairs.com at a special price of SGD68 (Usual price: SGD80).

Thye Moh Chan

Indulge in the local traditional Teochew confectionary’s handcrafted pastries, such as their classic Sweet Tau Sar with Melon Seeds mooncakes. Don’t forget to check out their new Assorted Nuts White Lotus and Lychee Rose White Lotus (pictured left) mooncakes too, which are specially created using sugar-free white lotus paste.

Available now at all physical outlets and via their e-commerce partners including Sinpopofairs.com.

Have you made any special plans for Mid-Autumn festival this year?

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