FAVE 5: Foodie Delights

Munch on!

Admit it: one of the many things you're doing to de-stress during the 'new' normal is to eat. But don't worry, we're not here to police you as long as you promise to follow the limits you've set for yourself. In fact, why not join us as we check out which snacks the foodies in our Community are currently munching on? Jump into our virtual food party that feeds both the eyes and mouth below.

I love you berry much

cake filled with berries
(Photo from: katrinllou)

As the cookie crumbles

chocolate chip cookies in a box
(Photo from: wanderingwondermom)

Spongy goodness

sponge roll cake
(Photo from: xxinli)

The apple of my eye

apple crumble pie
(Photo from: geoffreview)

Levelled up choco butternut

choco butternut cake
(Photo from: shaynevalerienaa)

(Cover photo from: katrinloumagos)

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