Must-Try Easy Sushi Bake Recipes To Go With Your Dalgona

For the quarantine chefs

Raise your hand if you feel like your cooking skills have levelled up since social distancing. We started by simply whipping coffee, sugar and water and eventually graduating to making more complicated recipes like sourdough bread. Now, a new challenge for us quarantine chefs lies ahead: sushi bake. Essentially, it's a casserole-like dish with sushi ingredients mixed together and baked. It's a unique take on the iconic Japanese food and, a unique dish born out of curiosity. It's delicious and easy to make so we're not complaining.

Here are some delicious sushi bake recipes to try that we're sure is gonna go well with your dalgona coffee. 

Basic bake: best for beginners

If you're trying sushi bake for the first time, it's best to start with a basic variety. Because it needs a lot of ingredients, things can get very messy in the kitchen so for your maiden voyage, keep ingredients to the essentials. You can always experiment later anyway. Try this basic sushi bake recipe by Pay-Less Markets. It's straightforward but is just as delicious as the more intricate versions.

Add a twist: If you don't have furikake, try adding a mixture of paprika and salt instead.

Vegan sushi bake: for a no-meat option

For those who prefer a meatless version of sushi bake, a vegan recipe is presented by Jasmine of Sweet Simple Vegan. Avocado, carrots and cucumber are needed to substitute for crab cakes and kewpie mayo. It's a bit sweeter than the usual baked sushi but also has a hint of savoury elements.

Add a twist: If you're a pescatarian, you can add some clams or shrimp as toppings.

Cheese-laced tuna sushi bake: for cheese lovers

Like it cheesy? Here's a recipe by Discover MNL that will satisfy your dairy-hungry tastebuds. Instead of imitation crab meat, this iteration uses canned tuna and adds a few other spices like Kikkoman soy sauce and chilli. Before baking, the casserole is topped with cheese and a thin layer of mayo. 

Add a twist: You can also add some tomatoes, pepperoni or mushroom on top to make it a pizza-sushi bake.

Extra hot sushi bake: for those who like it hot

Add spice to your quarantine life with this extra hot sushi bake recipe by Ann's Home Cuisine that uses sriracha. While wasabi can already deliver a kick, adding in sriracha will add another layer of spiciness that's perfect for people who want that extra spice. Marinated salmon is used in place of crab sticks so its meaty texture can balance all the spicy ingredients.

Add a twist: If you know your spice tolerance is low but would still want to try this dish, add another layer of rice to counteract the spiciness of sriracha and wasabi. 

No-bake sushi bake: for those who don't have an oven

No oven? No problem. Just follow this no-oven sushi bake recipe by Faith Maggy. Instead of baking, it uses the steaming method and incorporates easy-to-cook ingredients like ham and egg instead of imitation crab meat. 

Add a twist: Add parmesan on top for a cheesy no-bake sushi bake.

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