FAVE 5: Craving For Carbs

Irresistible treats

Carbs are often treated as villains when it comes to the topic of food vis-a-vis fitness. But in moderation, they're actually great sources of fuel to keep us energised for the day. Need more reasons to satisfy those cravings? These mouthwatering snaps from the Clozette Community will give you just the nudge you need. 

Doughnut diaries

a box of doughnuts
(Photo from: geoffreview)

A scrumptious spread

Burgers and pasta
(Photo from: qiyunz)

Over the moon-cake

mooncake and tea
(Photo from: Vinvola)

Beauty and the bread

woman eating bread and wine
(Photo from: Fjcookingmama)

On a roll

baked rolls on a platter
(Photo from: ShineeeDee)

(Cover photo from: qiyunz)

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