FAVE 5: Sweet Treats

What's for dessert?

In today's digital age, taking snaps of our food before eating has become second nature — especially when the spread looks oh-so-irresistible. This applies especially to sweet treats that look like they're made for the 'gram first and for our palates second. Looking for ways to level up how you document desserts for your food diary? Let our Community guide you through it with these five ways to creatively style dessert shots. 

Let its aesthetics do the talkin'

two vegan donuts
(Photo from: megannmonday)

Play with framing

Donut frame
(Photo from: pandajoyce)

Zoom in on the delectable details

Ala mode dessert
(Photo from: geoffreview)

Engage with your flatlay

Waffle and coffee
(Photo from: Shermainexk)

Contrast your dessert with the view

Two At Symphony Dubai Mall interior
(Photo from: MyRomana)

(Cover photo from: pandajoyce)

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