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Achieve your fitness goals

Though you're currently unable to hit the gym right now, it doesn't mean you can no longer work towards your fitness goals. Sure, it's tempting to just lay on your bed all day long, but really, it's important to stay fit especially during these trying times. Regular exercise reduces the risk of developing chronic illnesses. In addition to that, sweating it out also has a lot of mental health benefit. For one, scientific evidence suggests that working out increases the production of serotonin, our happy hormone, which improves our overall mood, according to the American Psychological Association. These positive effects will prove to be totally helpful as we battle the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the pandemic. So, to help boost your mental and physical health, here are some at-home workout sessions you can tune into online. 

Singapore Sports Hub

While waiting for the circuit breaker measures to be lifted, why not join the daily fitness programs from the Singapore Sports Hub? Co-hosted by the fitness ecosystem ELXR, this special series of curated workouts led by Garmin Sports Sessions Instructors were launched last 17 April. Every month, they will be releasing more than 40 sessions — all incredibly exciting, ranging from dance cardio to calming yoga routines. Each session, which will be posted daily, will include two sets of seven-minute workouts that are quick and easy, so everyone can effortlessly follow. Can't wait to try? Sign up here stat because the first 800 participants will receive either a Sports Essential Kit or a supermarket voucher.


Yup, that's right — you can undergo intensive training CrossFit routines even while at home. Greg Classman's CrossFit, Inc. has been posting their fitness demos both on their official Instagram page and website, so you can easily adapt them as your workout of the day. What makes these at-home workout sessions incredibly helpful is that they feature functional moves that require minimal equipment so you can still continue to sustain your well-being.

Anytime Fitness

Likewise, international fitness club Anytime Fitness has launched a series of free virtual workout classes with Coach Care Connect. Hosted by their coaches, their exercises range from family-friendly routines to fat-burning HIIT workouts, making use of household items that are readily accessible. As if that isn't great enough help already, aside from at-home workout sessions, they're also offering health tips and even nutrition classes every now and then. You can catch their energy-boosting episodes on IGTV or via their Facebook page.


But fitness clubs and organisations aren't the only ones here to help us stay fit at home. Japanese sportswear brand ASICS has long launched their ASICS Studio app that offers a complete fitness experience in the palm of your hand. Aside from that, their Singapore IG page, through their #MoveFromHome project, is also posting short exercise tutorials that encourage us to physically challenge ourselves while on lockdown. For a more immersive experience, you can hit follow on their page and stay tuned in case they invite another renowned fitness coach for a live drill soon.


Lastly, personalised skincare brand Yours have their IG series, #ThisTimeIsYours. Live on weekdays at 6PM, they invite women to share wellness tips in the form of fitness classes, healthy recipes and more. After all, in these troubling times, it's important that you care for well-being too. Their self-care lineup this week begins tonight with a de-stressing yoga session with instructor Giulia Bossi, so make sure to check their page then! 

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