Why Women: 4 Ladies On Success & Empowerment

Pursuing passions with Canon

In this day and age, women are still held to a different standard of success. And achieving it is quite a special feat. But architectural designer ​Pamela Tan, ​travel photographer Acacia Diana, ​bridal designer ​Careen Tan and documentary photographer ​Annice Lyn have learned that the key is embracing their femininity, pushing on with their passions, and supporting one another as women. Empowered women empower women. In honour of International Women’s Day, read on to find out how these four ladies, powered by ​Canon, pursue their passions.

Project your unique idea of success

Pamela Tan with a Canon projector

Pamela learned to project her own idea of success.

“I think we women have the ability to open, share and express our thoughts and feelings to one another, which I find important when it comes to handling challenges, ​” Pamela, who used to work at an architecture firm, shares. Despite various hurdles faced in the past, and armed with determination, Pamela carved a different path for herself and projected her image of success as an architectural designer. “I am most passionate about exploring and experimenting with different subjects, forms and materials,” she says. For those who love details as much as Pamela does, the ​Canon LV-HD420 projector offers full HD resolution for the projection of sharper and clearer images.

Let go of your inhibitions and let your work speak for itself

Acacia Diana with a Canon EOS R

Acacia shoots with the Canon EOS R digital camera.

Travel photographer Acacia acknowledges that the perception that women should be tied to familial responsibilities — especially in Asia — is still strong. But she’s focused on proving that women can nurture a family and pursue a career at the same time if they choose to. “I​'ve allowed my work and my ethics to speak for themselves, and this has allowed me to pursue projects that I enjoy,” she shares. More than that, her passion has led her to understand herself and others better, inching her closer to her idea of success. “I've photographed both beautiful and devastating landscapes with the help of the ​Canon EOS R digital camera, met people from across the spectrum — people living in the echelons of luxury resorts and refugees trying to survive in their makeshift tents. Having all these experiences made me feel more connected with humanity.”

Support and unite as women

Careen Tan with a Canon printer

Careen gets support from the women in her life and tools she trusts.

“I grew up in a family of women, where I am the eldest of seven girls,” bridal designer Careen says. “My mother has always been encouraging and bringing out the best in us. Because of that, all seven of us grew up speaking positive words into each other’s lives, cheering each other on and celebrating little victories and milestones. My sisters have been my biggest fans in everything that I do, and I’m glad we have a healthy family culture of building each other up.” Having this kind of support reminds Careen that success is better when shared and that it’s alright to lean on others for support.

“I truly believe that one should never underestimate girl power. When females are united as one, we can achieve incredibly amazing things,” she shares. At work, she counts on the ​Canon PIXMA TS5370 ​printer to aid her in bringing her ideas to life.

Empower by being empowered

Annice Lyn with a Canon EOS R digital camera

Annice captures moments with her trusty gear.

As someone who takes photos of people and covers sporting events using competent gear like the ​Canon EOS R digital camera, documentary photographer Annice Lyn has a different take on her passion. Also in her arsenal is the sturdy and reliable Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR camera. When it comes to inspiration, she takes cues from her favourite female photographers, Annie Leibovitz, Ami Vitale, Hannah Reyes Morales and Alice Aedy.

“We are present to visually document the most significant events of other people’s lives at the right time and place,” she says. “I always go into a shoot without a preconceived notion on the subjects and their lives.” This has helped her view her work in a more meaningful way. On finding success in her passion, Annice says: “Photography can be a very demanding career, but more than that, it can be very fulfilling in the sense that I can capture the most significant moments in the lives of others.”

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