This Clear Blush Will Give You The Most Flattering Flushed Skin

It’s surprisingly very pigmented

The TikTok Beauty Community has once again blessed us with another unique make-up find. Meet Espressoh's Glassy Blush! It’s a clear blush — yes, that’s right — that delivers a unique, flattering pigment once in contact with your skin.

What is a clear blush?

As demonstrated by various influencers, the jelly-like clear texture of Espressoh’s Glassy Blush transforms into a translucent blush after reacting with the pH of your skin. This means you’ll never have to worry about deciding which shade will look great on you. The Glassy Blush takes out the guesswork and just straight away gives you the best natural-looking tint for your cheeks.

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The clear blush gives a unique shade for each individual.

This clear blush also gives a healthy, dewy finish that can double as a highlighter. You can put on as little or as much as you like depending on how much pigment and “glow” intensity you prefer. What’s more, this cruelty-free and vegan formula is also boosted with skin-caring caffeine for extra hydration.

Where to buy Espressoh’s Glassy Blush

Espressoh’s Glassy Blush, a clear blush, in a glass pot with a beige lid

This clear blush is housed in a glass pot. (Photo from:

You can easily get your hands on Espressoh’s Glassy Blush via Sephora Singapore for SGD40 per 3.5ML. But hurry, because stocks are limited and there are currently only a few stocks left as of this writing.

Would you get this?

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