TikTok’s Latest Makeup Hack Helps You Achieve Natural-Looking Rosy Cheeks

Hint: You’ll need a blush and a liquid concealer for this

Is achieving natural-looking, rosy cheeks on top of your beauty agenda? Your prayers have been answered as TikTok’s latest Blush Concealer makeup hack may help you to attain your beauty goal with just three products. Keen to give this a go? Read on for more info.

What are the desired results of this hack?

What you should see after trying this hack is a softer-looking, more diffused rosy complexion. This makeup technique allegedly colour corrects your undereye area and may give you a more lifted appearance. The trend was started by Los Angeles-based makeup artist @paintedbyspencer.

However, if you have a deeper skin tone, you're advised to go with a blush in an orange or coral shade. Your skin's undertones have a part to play in the effectiveness of this hack too. Warm-skinned sisters suit cool, pink blushes, while cooler-skinned sisters will benefit from warmer shades of coral and soft peach tones. 

How to attempt the TikTok Blush Concealer hack

@morveskim Lemme just contour my whole face with blush 😩 [ib: @ALISSIA] #fyp #fy #makeup #fypシ #xyzbca #blushhack #blush #flowerknows ♬ Under Eye Blush - SPENCER

Content creator @morveskim demonstrates the blush concealer hack.

You’ll need a blush, a liquid concealer and a blending tool. Go with your preferred blush texture — be it powder, cream or liquid — as all three are apparently suited for the trend.

First, apply your blush as close to your undereye area as possible instead of the apples of your cheeks. If you’re using a cream or liquid blush, a pea-sized amount is all you need for this. Then, layer your undereye concealer on top of the blush. Finally, use your blending tool — such as a concealer brush or a damp makeup sponge — to blend them in.

Will you be giving this trend a go?

(Cover photos from: @morveskim)

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