Shiseido Group Is Launching A New Sustainable Skincare Brand

A clean beauty brand to watch out for

Shiseido Group is set to launch a new sustainable skincare brand called Ulé. It is slated to join BAUM and Drunk Elephant as part of Shiseido’s clean beauty lineup. Drunk Elephant was acquired by Shiseido in 2019 from its founder, Tiffany Masterson. Meanwhile, BAUM, a skincare brand that uses ingredients extracted from parts of trees, was launched in 2020 in Japan and expanded to China in 2021.

Hand gripping a wooden perfume bottle

Ulé will be a sustainable beauty brand like BAUM. (Photo from: @baum_global)

The announcement of Ulé is part of Shiseido’s plans to expand its skincare and wellness portfolio. CEO Masahiko Uotani shared in a recent conference that Shiseido Group has spent “two and a half years and established a sustainability crew in Europe to explore development projects” and that the company will be launching Ulé, a skincare brand that harnesses the power of plants.

Stay tuned for details about the official debut of Ulé.

(Cover photo from: Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels)

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