Meet The Outset, Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Clean’ Skincare Brand

ScarJo does skincare

Black Widow. Nicole Barber in Marriage Story. Charlotte in Lost in Translation. We know Scarlett Johannson as one of these characters, but she has added another exciting role to her resume: co-founder of The Outset, a ‘clean’ skincare line that offers “simple, effective and accessible formulas.”

Scarlett Johansoon Skincare Line

The Outset launches on 1 March and will be available at Sephora this April. (Photo from:

In her interview with Vogue, the actress shared that she wanted to create and represent a brand that was “true” to her. With that in mind, she worked with her co-founder and CEO Kate Foster Lengyel to create the brand, which will officially launch with six products on 1 March. The brand will also be available at Sephora this April.

The lineup includes a micellar cleanser, a serum, a lip treatment, a daily moisturiser, a night cream, and a cream for the eyes and expression lines. Some of the key products include the moisturiser, which contains squalane to nourish the skin, and the night cream that contains niacinamide, which restores the skin’s defenses against moisture loss and dehydration. All of the products retail for under USD55/~SGD74.

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