You Can Now Spritz On Perfume That's Made From Air

Heaven scent

Looking for a new signature scent? You might want to try a perfume that’s made from air — really.

Air Company, a tech and engineering company based in New York that's focused on addressing climate change, has just revealed the world’s first-ever perfume made largely from air (carbon dioxide, in particular) called Air Eau de Parfum.

The brand has been converting carbon emissions using its patented Carbon Conversion Reactor into ethanol, methanol, and water, which can then be used to create different products. (It has three so far — Air Vodka with Natural Flavors, Air Spray, and Air Eau de Parfum.)

Wonder what a perfume made from air smells like? It has top notes of orange peel and fig leaf; heart notes of jasmine, violet, azalea, and sweetwater, and base notes of powdery musk and tobacco. Sounds like the scent of a fun day under the sun!

It’s now available for preorder in the U.S. at USD220 per bottle, and will be shipped in January 2022 — but wouldn’t it be great to have it in our region too?

(Cover photo from: @aircompany)

Next, find out why this fragrance is the celebrity of perfumes.

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