Here’s What “Marinating” Your Makeup Means

Letting your natural oils do their job

Marinated Makeup is an easy technique that will help you achieve a natural-looking finish with little to no effort. That’s right! It’s all about letting nature take its course. Curious? Keep reading to know more!

Faded orange eyeshadow as example of Marinating Makeup.

Let your skin’s oils do their job!

What Is Marinated Makeup?

The TikTok Beauty Community has been raving about Marinated Makeup recently. It’s about achieving that “lived-in” look instead of the polished aesthetic. All you need is time and your skin’s natural oils.

@lizzetcawaling marinated make up >> 😌✨ #makeuphacks ♬ original sound - Makenzie Rencher

A makeup technique that you can achieve by just waiting.

There are two ways to do it. One requires no additional action on your part. Just do your makeup as usual and wait for one to two hours to “marinate” your makeup. The oil and sweat accumulated will naturally give you that glowy look and you’re good to go!

@shaaynemarie Reply to @theoceanatyourdoor this is def an old makeup trick but it’s very fun to declare it as ~marination~ #concealerhack #makeuphack #voguebeautysecrets #nomakeupmakeup #hot ♬ Crazy - Patsy Cline

Marinating high-coverage makeup.

If you prefer a higher coverage for your base, take a cue from TikTok user @shaaynemarie. She recommends applying a thick layer of concealer in areas you’d like to camouflage and waiting for five to 10 minutes. This allows the concealer to warm up and blend better. It’s best for covering up pimples or redness. After waiting for a few minutes, just blend the concealer with your fingers.

And yes, it’s that easy! The technique works for any makeup product so feel free to experiment.

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