Loewe Perfumes' Latest Duo Set Is Perfect For You And Your S.O

A chic, non-cheesy combo

Looking for a chic, non-cheesy gift to celebrate the love you share with your significant other? Consider picking up the Duo Set from Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe, which stars two complementary fruity and floral scents.

The Duo Set contains a 50ML Aire Sutileza Eau de Toilette and a 50ML Solo Ella Eau de Parfum. The Aire Sutileza sports a lean green shade and has notes of pear, muguet and jasmine. Inspired by “pure and fresh air”, this delicate, uplifting scent provides a nice contrast to the Solo Ella.

Compared to the soft pastel hue of the Aire Sutileza, the Solo Ella comes in a vibrant, orange packaging. Its notes of green apple, neroli, white woods and green tea are inspired by the sunset.

Aire Sutileza and Solo Ella fragrance from Loewe

Left - The Loewe Perfumes Duo Set. Right - The packaging of the Duo Set. (perfumesloewe.com)

Wear these separately for different occasions or have fun layering to create a fresh, playful scent that’s meant for you and that special someone. It also doesn’t hurt that the fragrances are packaged to resemble a book sleeve cover, in case you wish to spruce up your living space while you’re at it. The Duo Set is available here for SGD231.

(Cover photos from: @loewe_perfumes and perfumesloewe.com)

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