Kylie Baby Is Almost Here! Here Are Products We Want To See

From matching clothes to skincare

Have you heard? A Kylie baby is coming!

Kylie Jenner has confirmed that she’s definitely absolutely pregnant with baby number two. While it was reported that the 24-year-old beauty mogul is carrying a new bundle of joy back in August, we only had confirmation now.

Since a baby is on the way, we thought it would be the best time to revisit the Kylie Baby brand introduced last June. In case you missed it, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of Stormi mid-bath and tagged the account @kyliebaby.

Things were kept secret up until last month, but we now finally have confirmation of what the brand is about. Kylie shared on Instagram that the new venture, which will launch on 28 September at, is a skincare line made especially for babies kids. The business mogul shared that the line will be made up of 'clean, safe, effective and conscious baby care' products. So far, we've seen a teaser for shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, and lotion. Not to brag or anything but we called it — sort of! Half a point counts, yeah? Prior to the announcement, we made a list of Kylie Baby products we think the brand should sell. Find them all below.

Mummy and me matching outfits

Stormi is definitely a mini Kylie fashion-wise. You’ll often spot the two dressed in the same style. If Kylie’s wearing striped swimwear, so is Stormi. What else can you expect from a fashionista mum, right? What we love about their looks is that they’re not exactly alike; they’re more complementary than total twinning which makes it all the more interesting. That’s why we’d love to see mummy and me matching outfits from the Kylie Baby brand.

We imagine it would feature the types of fashion Kylie — and by extension Stormi, and probably baby number two in the future — loves like athleisure, noughties-inspired pieces and items with bold colourways. We already have access to top-notch classic mummy and me matching pieces so if Kylie Baby’s gonna go with launching clothing designs, we’re hoping it’ll bring something fresh to the table like outfits with innovative cuts and modern designs.

Limited-edition sneakers in collaboration with big brands is another thing that Kylie Baby could launch since Kylie Jenner’s a fan of sporty footwear. Just imagine matching mummy and me sneakers featuring a limited-edition Kylie Baby Nike SB Dunk or Air Jordan 1s.

Mummy and me skincare

There’s already Kylie Skin, but what about skincare that’s not just safe for baby but also great for mummy? We’re talking about body lotions, oils and moisturisers that can be shared. It could be both a baby skincare line and a sensitive skincare range (for adults). Kylie could even tap big sister Kim Kardashian to give her insights as someone who has a skin condition and needs products suited for sensitive skin.

Multipurpose skincare would certainly make things easier during prep time and while travelling. Plus, you can even bond with your baby while doing your skincare.

Bath products for mummy and baby

Like the skincare range we want to see from Kylie Baby, we hope that if she does come out with bath products (shower gels, shampoo and conditioner, bubble baths and more), they would be also compatible to both mummy and baby. Most mummies will know that bathing sessions with your baby mean getting wet yourself. So why not just have a joint shower time?

If Kylie Baby does release bath products, it wouldn’t be the first time Kylie Jenner launched shower essentials. Right now, she already has beloved bath items including the popular Rose Bubble Bath from Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner-branded luxe diaper bags

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is a fan of logomania and everything luxe, and that extends to baby items. Then-infant Stormi was provided with a Fendi diaper bag and stroller so it wouldn’t be farfetched for Kylie Baby to launch its own luxury baby accessories. It should have a touch of Kylie Jenner, of course. If we would imagine what it would look like, we’re thinking diaper bags draped in different bright, complementary colours complete with a unique Kylie Baby insignia. Functionality should be a priority, too. The diaper bag could have multiple compartments and maybe a detachable mini purse for mummy’s needs.

Fun, one-of-a-kind cribs and furniture

Do you remember Stormi’s mini house? Yes, we’re also jealous. It was decked with mini furniture and pink faux fur rugs that match the fun vibe of the space. With Kylie Jenner having a fondness for mini furniture, we can expect that the same design sensibilities would translate for baby cribs and baby things storage. If Kylie Baby’s gonna offer cribs, it could feature sustainable or even reclaimed wood (Kylie shops at Restoration Hardware which is known for its “salvaged wood collection”) and it would come in striking hues. Maybe there’s gonna be a musical feature but instead of generic lullabies, it would play a special Kylie Jenner curated playlist. Wouldn’t that be a sweet deal for Kylie Jenner fans?

Which of these Kylie Baby product predictions do you is likely to come true?

(Cover photo from: @kyliejenner)

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