A.P.C.’s First Ever Bodycare Line Is Perfect For The Cool Girl’s Self-Care Routine

Orange you glad?

Popular French clothing brand A.P.C. has finally ventured into the beauty world. Their new bodycare line called SELF-CARE just launched and minimalists out there, especially the Parisian fans, are going to love this.

A.P.C. SELF-CARE bodycare line

A.P.C. Body Lotion and Hand Lotion

The SELF-CARE Body Lotion and Hand Lotion from A.P.C. (Photos from: @apc_paris)

The new SELF-CARE line from A.P.C consists of six products, including separate hand and body lotions, that are made from at least 98% natural ingredients. The products also feature recyclable packaging. According to the brand’s founder, Jean Touitou, they created the line to “make you feel good and comfortable and help you to have a good day.” 

Touitou added that in both the fashion and cosmetics industry, products should neither be too much or too little — just a perfect balance, which he claims they achieved with SELF-CARE.

One of the products included in the collection is their body soap slash shower gel that cleans and scents, and is good for all skin types. Another is their hand soap, which contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder sourced through organic farming.

A.P.C Body Soap and Hand Soap

The SELF-CARE Shower Gel and Hand Soap. (Photos from: @apc_paris)

Completing the line are the hydrating and protecting lip balm, whose ingredients are 100% naturally derived, and the Eau de Cologne, which claims 99.9% of its ingredients have been derived from natural origin. 

A.P.C. Eau de Cologne and Lip Balm

The SELF-CARE Lip Balm and Eau de Cologne. (Photos from: @apc_paris

The bodycare line features the brand’s signature Orange Blossom scent

All of the products in the SELF-CARE line are orange blossom scented as it is the A.P.C signature scent. They even consider it a huge part of the A.P.C. creative heritage. The brand has been using it since 1997, including for its candle n*4, as an homage to Touitou’s mother who uses orange blossom as the key ingredient to many family recipes.

A.P.C. has also used this ingredient in other products such as their room sprays, so it was only natural that they decided to highlight this warm and citrusy scent for the bodycare line. Orange blossom has beauty benefits too — it helps to brighten the skin and combat signs of ageing. The entire collection is also gender-neutral, so scent lovers of all backgrounds are welcome to enjoy this range and elevate their self-care moments.

Where to get it in Singapore

Unfortunately, the A.P.C. website currently only ships to the US, Canada, and some parts of Europe and Asia. So in the meantime, you can ask your friends or family in any of these countries to purchase them for you. Prices for the line start at USD20/~SGD26.81.

What’s your favourite bodycare product?

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