Beach Babes, Add This Mineral Sunscreen To Your Routine — Stat

Shake to activate its sun protection prowess!

We probably sound like a broken recorder by now, but having a good SPF as part of your beauty routine is incredibly important as it safeguards your skin against premature ageing and lowers your chances of getting skin cancer.

If you’re still on the hunt for an SPF buddy, Indie Lee has unveiled its first-ever SPF product — the Mineral Sunscreen with SPF30 — which is “perfect” for beach days and outdoor activities. Here’s what you should know about it.

Indie Lee Mineral Sunscreen: Ingredients and benefits

This sunscreen features 20% uncoated zinc oxide for broad spectrum SPF30 protection and “dries down clean.” Designed to be reef-safe, it also has squalane to boost your skin’s moisture retention alongside shea butter and aloe to hydrate the skin.

The brand claims that the product has a “non-irritating” formula and hence, suits those with sensitive skin as the product “does not absorb into the skin”. It’s cruelty-free, unscented and suitable for kids too. In terms of texture, the product reportedly has a thicker white texture which may leave a white cast on darker skin tones.

How to use this SPF? Shake, apply and re-apply

Indie Lee SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen

The Indie Lee Mineral Sunscreen provides broad spectrum SPF 30 protection.

The product is housed in a squeeze tube packaging but before you dispense the product onto your skin, be sure to give it a good shake! The brand did not specify the reason why we ought to do this, but our guess is this step might help to prevent the product from pilling.

Apply this liberally onto your skin 15 minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply every two hours to keep your skin protected.

When does the Indie Lee Mineral Sunscreen launch in Singapore?

The Indie Lee Mineral Sunscreen retails for USD42/~SGD58 per 100ML on the brand’s US site. This product will be launching soon at Sephora Singapore too, so stay tuned to this space as we bring you more updates on its price and exact launch date.

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