You Won’t Be Able To Resist Fenty Skin’s New Yummy Mask

Meet Cookies N Clean

Between launching a new lip collection for Fenty Beauty and dropping fragrance-free versions of Fenty Skin’s bestsellers, Rihanna and her team have been busy with hype-worthy releases. And if you can believe it, there’s another coming soon: the Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask.

Purple jar housing Fenty Skin's white clay mask with specks of black

It looks so yummy, doesn’t it? (Photo from: @fentyskin)

The cheeky name is a reference to its whipped formula, which shares the same appearance as cookies and cream ice cream. But its appeal is not limited to its yummy appearance, this clay mask also promises to “detox pores” and “fight shine all day” without drying out your skin. Sounds like a delicious deal, if you ask us!

Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask ingredients

What’s in Cookies N Clean? A lot of ingredients that skincare lovers would be familiar with — like good old salicylic acid, which clarifies pores and is an active ingredient in many acne-fighting products.

Cookies N Clean’s texture is soft and comfy.

There’s also charcoal, which controls excess sebum by absorbing oil; it’s also believed to “purify” the pores because it can clean out “impurities”. Furthering Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean’s matte-delivering prowess is kaolin clay, which also helps bring out dirt, pollution and gunks from pores. Finally, the soothing combination of rhubarb and ginger extracts rounds off the formula.

Where to buy Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean in Singapore

Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask will be available on Fenty Skin’s website (it offers worldwide shipping!) starting 22 April for USD32/~SGD43.70. You can sign up on the Fenty website for notifications when it's up for grabs.

(Cover photo from: @fentyskin)

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