Check This: Your Fave Dior Perfumes Reimagined As Bouquets

Flower power

Ever wondered what your favourite Dior perfume will look like as a floral arrangement? With Azuma Makoto’s stunning Dior perfume-inspired floral sculptures, you don’t need to imagine anymore.

Asian man with flowers

Renowned Tokyo-based floral artist Azuma Makoto working on Dior perfume floral sculptures.

The artistic collaboration translates eight Dior perfumes — Sakura, Gris Dior, Lucky, La Colle Noire, Jasmin Des Anges, Oud Ispahan, Oud Rosewood and Purple Oud —  from the La Collection Privée fragrances collection into intricate floral artworks. The lifecycles of these floral arrangements are then beautifully captured in a series of photos and videos.

Must-see sculptures from the Azuma x Dior collaboration

Among the remarkable artworks are the sculptures for the spicy Purple Oud fragrance, a scent that showcases woody and floral notes. Azuma Makoto’s artistic interpretation of this striking fragrance generously uses violet flowers and surrounds them with other lively blooms “that express the passionate scent encountered with this precious wood (oud)”.

Purple flower bouquet

Purple Oud’s floral sculpture is as intense as its scent.

Another eye-catching creative reinterpretation is for the La Colle Noire perfume, which is named after Christian Dior’s garden in the South of France and boasts an alluring composition of rose notes. Lush fresh roses are used for the artwork to capture the fresh appeal of the fragrance.

Asian man smelling roses

Azuma Makoto smelling roses for La Colle Noire artwork.

Want to see them and other Dior floral bouquets by Azuma Makoto? You can now check out the La Collection Privée x Azuma Makoto animation at La Collection Privée Christian Dior boutique in ION Orchard.

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