Unlock Your Power Against UV Rays With ANESSA x MARVEL©

Power up against photoageing with this limited edition sunscreen

Ready to level up your sunscreen game to superhero-level protection? Here’s some good news: the fan-favourite Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk now has a new limited-edition look thanks to a collaboration with Marvel© Studios. The best part? It’s now available in Singapore.

Anessa x Marvel© Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk

Meet the new limited edition version of the bestselling Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk.


The same strong formula, now with marvel-ous packaging


Anessa, Japan's no. 1 sunscreen brand for 21 years, has teamed up with Marvel© Studios to help you fight UV rays that cause skin photoageing. The brand's bestselling Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk is here to inspire you to power up your daily sun protection with its exclusive packaging. It now comes in a limited-edition Marvel© superhero-decorated bottle that features familiar faces such as the fan-favourite Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and more. Plus, this sunscreen doesn’t just defend your skin against sun damage. It helps protect Mother Nature too since the bottle is partially made with sustainable bio-based plastic. 

While it features a new look, the collaboration still features the sunscreen's well-loved innovative formula that's powered by Auto Booster Technology which increases the sunscreen’s UV protective veil when interacting with sweat, water, heat, and humidity. It’s also resistant to mask stuffiness and friction. Perfect for Singapore’s warm and humid weather, don’t you think?

Anessa x Marvel© Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk

Power up your sun defence with Japan’s bestselling sunscreen.

Like your favourite Marvel© superheroes, the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk lives a double life as a UV-protective skin primer that can help your makeup glide on smoother and last longer. It also has multiple moisturising and skin-protective superpowers. Its formula is made up of 50% skincare ingredients that not only prevent photoageing with their antioxidant properties, but also moisturise and soothe your skin.


Where to buy the Anessa x Marvel© Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk in Singapore


Curious to know how you can get your hands on this special edition sunscreen collab? It's now available at selected Watsons Singapore stores and the Watsons e-store. One bottle is priced at SGD41.90 per 60ML.

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This story was created in partnership with Anessa Singapore.

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