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Ongoing shows and K-movies

Need a weekend binge other than the hit rom-com Lovely Runner? From dramatic plot twists to lighthearted variety, get ready to unwind with these intriguing Korean dramas, movies, and reality shows on Viu Singapore.

Viu Singapore Korean Dramas and Korean Movies

Enjoy viu-ing these captivating titles. (Photo from: Viu Singapore)

1. Beauty And Mr. Romantic (Drama)

If you’re into makjang dramas — meaning over-the-top Korean TV shows filled with dramatic plot twists and heightened emotions — check out Beauty And Mr. Romantic. 

Im Soo Hyang (My ID Is Gangnam Beauty) plays top-billed star Park Do Ra who became an actress because her mother said it was the only way to escape poverty. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun Woo (Young Lady and Gentleman) plays the passionate producing director (or PD) Go Pil Seung. The two were acquainted when they were young and Do Ra had a huge crush on Pil Seung. After 15 years, they meet again in the entertainment industry. How will their budding romance play out?

Stream Episodes 1 to 13 of the 50-episode series here. New episodes are available every Sunday and Monday.

2. Missing Crown Prince (Drama)

If saeguk (meaning historical Korean TV shows) dramas are your cup of tea, dive into the complex and fascinating world of Missing Crown Prince. K-pop idol EXO’s Suho takes on the role of Crown Prince Yi Gun. He gets kidnapped by a woman named Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) who – could it be destiny? – was to become the crown princess. You can bet that political conflicts will arise, and in the midst of those, a thrilling romance will blossom between the two main leads. 

Stream Episodes 1 to 7 of the 20-episode series here. New episodes will be out every Saturday and Sunday.

3. My Sibling’s Romance (Variety Show)

If you’re on the search for an underrated Korean dating programme, check out My Sibling’s Romance. Compared to the drama in shows like Single’s Inferno or EXchange, this series has a more lighthearted and wholesome approach. Four pairs of biological brothers and sisters, gather in a shared house to support each other in finding romantic partners.

Stream Episodes 1 to 10 of the 15-episode series here. New episodes will be out every Friday.

4. Whenever Possible (Variety Show)

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok enters his variety show era in Whenever Possible alongside veteran host Yoo Jae Seok. The two visit ordinary citizens during their brief moments of free time and aim to sprinkle a bit of luck into their lives. The show features guest stars such as Lee Kwang Soo, Jo Jung Suk, and IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin.

Stream Episodes 1 to 3 of the eight-episode series here. A new episode will be released every Wednesday.

5. Suji and Uri (Drama)

Realistic themes surrounding family and the medical field merge in Suji and Uri. K-pop idol T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung portrays the role of Suji, a celebrity doctor whose life seems successful and perfect on the outside but is actually falling apart. Then comes Uri, played by Baek Sung Hyun, enters the picture. He’s a rookie doctor whose ideals clash with Suji’s, so they become natural enemies. We can’t wait to see how they will finally understand and empathise with each other.

Stream Episodes 1 to 29 of the 120-episode series here. New episodes will be out from Tuesday to Saturday.

6. Love Reset (Movie)

If you’re a fan of second-chance romance stories, Love Reset is the perfect addition to your watchlist. It stars Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min as Jung Yeol and Na Ra, respectively. They fell in love and got married, but grew to hate each other because of their personality differences. They eventually filed for divorce. But lo and behold, they soon experience a car accident which causes them to lose their memories. Will they be able to start over again?

The movie will be available on Viu from 5 May.

7. The Attorney (Movie)

If you’re into stories based on real-life figures, and social and political issues, check out The Attorney. Even though it was released in 2013 and set in the ‘70s and ‘80s, you’ll enjoy its moving storyline, cinematography, and the acting skills of the cast. It stars Song Kang Ho as an attorney who leaves his comfort zone to protect the oppressed.

Stream the movie here.

(Cover photos from: Viu Singapore)

On the lookout for an enchanting C-drama? Check out The Legend Of Shen Li.

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