These 3 Han Ji-Min Dramas Will Have You Rooting For The Heroine

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If you’re looking for feel-good K-dramas to switch up your usual watchlist, Han Ji-Min’s TV shows are the ones to tune into. From her most recent work Behind Your Touch, to older titles like Rooftop Prince, here are three Han Ji-Min projects you need to check out that will surely have you rooting for the heroine.

Han Ji-Min TV shows
What’s your first Han Ji-Min TV show? (Photo from: @roma.emo)

1. Behind Your Touch

Bong Ye-Bun (Han Ji-Min) works as a veterinarian. She is a bit meddlesome but always has other people’s welfare in mind. She also has a unique superpower: whenever she touches someone’s butt, human or animal, she can look into their past. While exploring her powers, she gets on the radar of Detective Moon Jang-Yeol (Lee Min-Ki). The two end up working together.

Why you’ll like this: Despite being comedic, given the nature of Ye-Bun’s superpower, this TV show is still heartwarming and relatable. Audiences can find some of themselves in Ye-Bun’s sincere way of living. Plus, if you love animals, the cute furbabies featured in the show will also bring you delight.

Watch Behind Your Touch here.

2. Our Blues

Our Blues is a heartfelt TV show following several individuals living on Jeju Island. Han Ji-Min joins the ensemble cast as Lee Yeong-Ok, a woman who mysteriously moved to the island and started working as a hanyeo (female diver) a year ago. She has a bright disposition and is very friendly towards everyone she comes across, but rumours surround her background. One day, she meets Park Jeong-Jun (Kim Woo-Bin), a fishing boat captain. The two get to know each other, and eventually, Jeong-Jun falls in love with Yeong-Ok.

Why you’ll like this: Aside from Yeong-Ok’s story, the narrative also explores the lives of other characters who are trying to live their lives on the humble island. Each of them has heartaches and aspirations that they’re trying to deal with, leaving audiences hoping for the best for each character. For our detailed spoiler-free review of this series, read more here.

Watch Our Blues here.

3. Rooftop Prince

Love historical dramas with a modern-day twist? Rooftop Prince is the one to check out. It follows the story of Joseon Crown Prince Lee Kak (Micky Yoochun), who gets transported to present-day South Korea after several unfortunate events. He is joined by his officers-slash-friends in this new, unfamiliar era. While looking for ways to return to his timeline, Lee Kak gets mistaken for Yong Tae-Yong, a wealthy businessman who shares the same face. Tae-Yong has been missing for weeks, allowing Lee Kak to assume Tae-Yong’s identity temporarily. Between these events, Lee Kak meets Park Ha (Han Ji-Min), a woman who looks like Boo-Yong, Lee Kak’s friend from the Joseon era.

Why you’ll like it: Perfect for fans who love historical dramas and modern-day rom-coms, this TV show executes both genres perfectly. The twists and turns will leave you anticipating each episode without fail and keep you entertained until the final moments of the show.

Watch Rooftop Prince here.

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