Han Hyo Joo Exudes Cold CEO Vibes In Her Latest Role

Our next fave CEO x bodyguard couple?

If you loved Han Hyo Joo in the exhilarating series Moving, then her latest show is something you don’t want to miss. Blood Free (formerly titled Dominant Species) is out now on Disney+ Singapore! We’re letting you in on its powerhouse cast, futuristic plot, and our review of its first episodes.

Han Hyo Joo in 'Blood Free'

Is there anyone she can trust? (Photo from: Disney+ Singapore)

Blood Free: cast, plot, and more

In this series, Han Hyo Joo’s character, Yun Jayu, is the CEO of Blood Free which possesses groundbreaking technology needed to create lab-grown meat, seafood, and synthetic fur. Since she hit various industries, the masses are protesting against her, and she’s surrounded by death threats. 

Enter Ju Ji Hoon (Kingdom, Princess Hours) who plays the role of Woo Chaewoon. He becomes her personal bodyguard and goes on a mission to find the truth behind the controversial company. 

This isn’t the pair’s first time to work together, and their chemistry is something you have to keep an eye out for. Keep on reading to learn more.

Aside from the two stellar main leads, some familiar faces who are part of the cast include Kim Sang Ho (Sweet Home, Bring It On, Ghost), Jun Suk Ho (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), and Lee Moo Saeng (The World of the Married). 

Disney+ has been beefing up its portfolio of action dramas and has made waves for titles such as Moving, A Shop for Killers, and The Worst of Evil. Will Blood Free add something fresh to the table? Its first two episodes seem promising, as you’ll see in these three reasons why you should add the show to your watchlist.

1. There’s a good blend of mystery, sci-fi, and action

'Blood Free' k-drama review

When will she find the culprit behind the attack? (Photo from: Disney+ Singapore)

The first few scenes of Episode 1 might seem quite overwhelming at first. We have to wrap our minds around the world in which genetically engineered products dominate the market and the names and positions of the characters lurking around Yun Jayu. But later on, the drama becomes more interesting when someone seems to be leaking information about Jayu’s whereabouts and when her company’s top-secret files are hacked. We can’t wait to see the next episodes and confirm our suspicions that it was the work of someone on the inside.

2. Yun Jayu’s character will reel you in

While it’s obvious that Han Hyo Joo’s role is at the centre of the story, we don’t fully know her motives yet. This keeps our eyes glued to the screen. For one thing, she doesn’t deny the accusations about her products. We also only get glimpses of her past, so we’re in the dark about her reasons for keeping her company at the top. But the drama also shows us moments wherein she’s vulnerable, and it helps us empathise with her and fuel our curiosity about her passion for her work.

3. The chemistry between Han Hyo Joo and Ju Ji Hoon is palpable

Sometimes, when a K-drama isn’t categorised under the romance genre, the main leads share a captivating chemistry that will make you wish they’d end up together in the end. This is the case for Blood Free, as Han Hyo Joo and Ju Ji Hoon masterfully pull you in with their scenes. 

Fun fact: while this is Han Hyo Joo and Ju Ji Hoon’s first drama together, the two stars previously worked together for a commercial during the early days of their career. If a romantic relationship is out of the picture in Blood Free, will we see their characters forge a unique bond instead?

Blood Free: episode schedule and where to watch in Singapore 

Catch Episodes 1 and 2 on Disney+ Singapore. It’s expected to have 10 episodes, and succeeding ones will be out every Wednesday.

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