Underwater Tiktok Dances To Try (Safely)

You can 'pool' this off

Getting bored of doing the usual dubbing and dancing happening on Tiktok? Take it up a notch and experiment with underwater stunts. Take inspiration from these Tiktoks that are becoming popular in the platform. Lucky you, if you have a pool at home or live nearby a sea. But as always, don't forget to put your safety first. With that said, here are some underwater Tiktok dances you might want to try, arranged from the easiest to the most challenging ones. 

All-dressed up


С вас любое красное эмоджи 🍒🔫

♬ оригинальный звук - Maria Samoylova

Russian Tiktoker Dina Saeva has been making waves with her underwater videos. Some are easy enough to do but others require some serious effort. If it's your first time to try doing an underwater Tiktok, start with something quite easy like this one. All you have to do is get dressed up in something fancy and dance. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

Keep on swimming



♬ Deep End - Fousheé

If you're ready for some more challenging underwater Tiktok dances, try another one from Dina. For this one, you'll need more muscle power because the dance requires some swimming moves. The result, when done right, is a pretty video that makes you look like a real-life mermaid. 

Play ball


RIP tiktok😝...so take a look on my YouTube channel...link is in my bio##hydroman

♬ original sound - Samir_khan313 - Sameerkhan0313

Another personality that made a splash on the platform is Mumbai-based Tiktoker Hydroman. Before Tiktok got banned in India, he was able to share a variety of underwater Tiktoks ranging from some simple and fun to complicated yet mesmerising. We particularly love this easy-to-do Tiktok of his where you just need to dribble a ball and look cool while doing it — something almost everyone can do. While you can no longer find new stuff from him on Tiktok, you can check out his YouTube channel.

Knotty underwater 


Is it still summer break where you are? 🌊 ##underwater ##flexible

♬ Summer of Love - Kids In America

Dancer and contortionist Anna McNulty awed fans with her on-ground stunts but when she took it underwater, we were just downright impressed. Since being underwater can help with flexibility, trying this stunt while holding on a stable rail could be doable for individuals who are already at ease with flexing their muscles. If you're not, then this isn't for you because it could potentially be dangerous. When doing this, always make sure that you have someone with you to assist or look out for you should anything go wrong. Never do this solo.

Swimming sirens


Missing my best friend now more than ever.💙 @alecs1s ##longdistance

♬ Play Date - Melanie Martinez

Doing Tiktoks with your sister or bestie make them more fun, don't you agree? If both of you are up for a challenge and know how to do a freestyle flip turn or underwater forward roll safely, then go ahead and give this underwater Tiktok from soph1ea a spin. You can add in slow motion effects afterwards or maybe even some inspirational voice-over for an added personal touch. 

Again, a word of warning, while these are fun, it's important not to overdo them because there are some serious dangers in doing stunts underwater. Even just the act of opening eyes while fully dipped in a pool could expose you to some risks. Play safely!

(Cover photo from: Francesca Zama via Unsplash)

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