Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Fly With Scoot’s Pikachu Jet

A new in-flight experience

Scoot Air brings the Pokémon Air Adventures to Singapore! The budget airline has revealed its new partnership with The Pokémon Company and details on its new exclusive Pokémon-themed in-flight experience.

Scoot Air will bring you on a Pokémon-filled flight on its new Pikachu jet.

Scoot x Pokémon Air Adventures: Pikachu Jet TR

Soar through the skies in the new Pikachu Jet TR, which features well-known Pokémon such as Pikachu, Pichu, Shaymin, Psyduck, Lapras, Celebi and Meganium. There are also some other Pokémon hiding on both sides of the plane’s wings, so you’ll have a fun time trying to find them while boarding. The seat rests are also decorated with Pikachu’s smiling face. You’ll also hear Pikachu during the inflight announcements too!

Scoot x Pokémon Air Adventures in-flight inclusions and merchandise

Scoot x Pokémon Air Adventures in-flight inclusions and merchandise

It’s Pikachu overload. (Photo from:

Guests will be served with Pikachu Jet-themed cups, serviettes, and other onboard amenities.

Flyers who avail of meals will also get to enjoy Japanese-inspired dishes like Chicken Yakitori and Ginger Teriyaki Chicken with Rice. If you want a dessert or sweet treat, get some cookies that come in an original Pokémon box

If you want to commemorate your flight with something special, you can also buy exclusive merchandise. Take your pick from the Adventurer's Lanyard, a plane-printed strap with a Pikachu soft case and a mini Pikachu Jet hanging charm; the Fly Away Tote Bag designed with Pikachu’s flying figure; or the Bucket Hat with a reversible design.

Scoot x Pokémon Air Adventures flights

You can already book tickets for the inaugural flight to Tokyo, Japan on 9 September through the airline’s website.

(Cover photo from: @flyscoot)

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