Want Your House To Smell Like IKEA’s Meatballs? If You’re Serious, Here’s How To Do It

The bizarre and the beautiful

You can now “bring home” the scent of IKEA’s mouthwatering Swedish meatballs through candles that smell just like these savoury treats. Yes, you read that right. The Swedish retailer’s decision to launch this quirky (and frankly, slightly puzzling) product isn’t that big of a surprise, though. After all, its blue shopping tote inspired Balenciaga to design a leather look-alike back in 2017. 

Just last year, it also joined hands with LEGO to create a range of storage solutions for kids and adults. (It even caused a mini frenzy when it was released in Singapore earlier this year.) In all, IKEA never fails to surprise us with its affordable, delightful products. Ahead, we reveal more details about IKEA’s meatball-scented candle launch as well as highlight four other quirky product launches that you should know now. 

IKEA meatball-scented candle

IKEA huvudroll candle launch

Photo from: IKEA

Gwenyth Paltrow’s vagina-scented candle may possibly go down in history (pun intended) as one of the most talked-about product releases. We’re guessing IKEA’s scent will come in a second place. IKEA is set to launch a meatball-scented candle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its IKEA Family programme in the United States. And as bizzare as this move may seem (given that enjoying the actual dish would be much more satisfying), the unexpected launch also makes perfect sense for the furniture retailer. After all, its meatball dishes have become one of its signature products alongside its range of affordable furniture.

Get your hands on it: For starters, this candle will not be for sale. You’ll need to join the IKEA Family 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes here to stand a chance to bring this item home. Note that this event is only open to participants who are based in the United States and are aged over 18. Perhaps this is the time to ask your US-based friends for a favour! 

Byredo "Beyond Celadon" picnic basket

European luxury brand Byredo is so much more than its Gypsy Water fragrance. Apart from its official foray into the makeup scene last October, the brand has also been quietly building up Byproduct™, which is its line of quirky lifestyle products and accessories.

One of the collection’s latest releases is a giant Beyond Celadon picnic basket, which comes with ceramic tableware by Swedish ceramicist Birgitta Watz. The wicker basket is trimmed with up-cycled neon leather and it has an adjustable cotton strap. It also contains cotton napkins, cutlery stored in their respective pouches and a tablecloth for you to realise your extraordinary “picnic core” dreams.

Get your hands on it: The brand’s website states that it currently only ships to selected countries such as France, Germany and the UK. If you’re based outside of these countries, consider contacting them here to get your delivery sorted.  

Louis Vuitton Coffee Cup, Carrot Pouch and Pizza Box

Louis Vuitton Men's Fall/Winter 2021 collection pouch

(Left) Louis Vuitton Coffee Cup. (Right) Louis Vuitton Carrot Pouch. (louisvuitton.com)

Fashion houses are known to release unique, novelty-esque products from time to time to satiate the appetites of hungry fashion folk — and that includes Louis Vuitton. For the Everyday LV range that was showcased as part of the Men’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, menswear artistic director Virgil Abloh designed a series of leather goods and accessories that were inspired by everyday objects.

Louis Vuitton Men's Fall/Winter 2021 collection pizza box

Louis Vuitton Pizza Box. (louisvuitton.com)

Some of the standout pieces in the capsule range include a coffee cup pouch, which has a removable shoulder strap for you to wear it as a crossbody purse, as well as a carrot pouch, which is meant as a fun accessory to liven up your look. Another accessory that’s one part quirky and two parts collectible is the House’s “pizza box”, which is actually intended as a vinyl record or accessory holder. 

Get your hands on them: The Pizza Box is available for purchase via the Louis Vuitton website.  As for the Coffee Cup and Carrot Pouch, both are sold out online, so do get in touch with your local store to find out its availability.   

Pizza Hut "Tastewear" streetwear collection

Pizza Hut limited edition tastewear range

Pizza Hut's 'Tastewear' streetwear collection includes a tracksuit and a t-shirt. (pizzahutshop.com)

Speaking of pizza boxes, pizza company Pizza Hut recently followed the lead of other fast food chains by releasing its first-ever line of branded merchandise. Designed to “make getting dressed feel more like eating pizza,” the limited-edition “Tastewear” streetwear collection includes a bright-red tracksuit, a pair of matching slides sandals, a t-shirt, a necklace and a cup. 

In other words, this is a collection that you can have fun with at anytime of the day — be it for a cosy pizza party at home or running errands around your neighbourhood. Something tells us that this collection is only the start of what the company intends to cook up in the next few months. 

Get your hands on them: The collection is currently only available in the United States. Here’s hoping that the company will open up its future collections to more countries! 

Blackbrd human doll face flower pots

Cute or creepy? We’ll let you decide. Regardless, there’s no denying that Blackbrd’s human doll face resin flower pots will do a fine job in sprucing up your home garden. Looking at how quickly “plantfluencers" have cropped up on our social media feeds since the start of the pandemic, we’re not surprised to learn that gardening enthusiasts have been actively searching for quirky, unique vases to express their personalities too. If this bohemian-inspired flower vase is not to your liking, the online home decor store also carries other quirky designs that appeal to different tastes, such as prism acrylic vases and flamingo vases. 

Get your hands on them: Add these vases to cart here as the store offers worldwide shipping. 

When was the last time you splurged on a novelty item? 

(Cover photos from: IKEA)

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