Here’s How You Can Ace The #HomeCouture Challenge

Creativity at its finest

Creativity and inspiration do not necessarily need to stem from extraordinary, larger-than-life experiences. In fact, we believe that they can be found even in the simplest, seemingly mundane moments. As we continue to #stayhome in a bid to fight the health crisis that is COVID-19, many of us have learnt to adapt to this new normal and have found ways to stay connected and engaged with the things and people that we love. 

Members in our #Clozettte community, along with content creators around the globe, too, are becoming more creative and resourceful in sharing their daily moments on social media. From viral dance routines on TikTok to fabulous #QuarantinePillowChallenges on the ‘gram, these entertaining, lighthearted moments are a welcome distraction from our current situation. The next rising social media fashion trend yet is called the #HomeCouture challenge and it’s all about using everyday objects to create high-fashion looks. Curious to learn how you can take part in this fun affair? Read on for more.

Produce bags as fascinators 

Doesn’t matter if you aren’t attending a royal wedding anytime soon, it’s time you don a fascinator and strike your best ‘Vogue’ pose in front of the bathroom mirror. Want to learn how to create your own fashionable headpiece? All it takes is a quick trip to the supermarket.

Just a little over a week ago, fashion illustrator Jenny Walton @jennymwalton shared on Instagram that the produce bags she had brought home from the store had come in bright, bold colours. In a spur of the moment, she decided to don these net bags on her head and wore them as fascinators. And the result? Her followers were nothing short of fascinated.

Bloom and bare it

Warning: Please only try this at home. Yes, you read that right. Start by ordering in a bouquet of flowers from your local florist. You can consider ordering in dried flowers too, which are just as beautiful and are made to last a little longer. Then, ensure that your curtains are drawn before you attempt this artistic, high-fashion inspired shot.

Fashion writer and influencer Alyssa Coscarelli @alyssainthecity worked the self-timer on her phone and published a handful of photos of baring her quarantine body, knickers intact, alongside a giant bouquet of flowers. Her post on Instagram turned out tasteful, feminine and romantic even, and quickly drew over 15,000 likes and 100 comments overnight.

50s baby

Aspiring Grace Kellys, this dramatic couture look is made just for you. Journey into old Hollywood with your mum’s or grandmother's patterned silk scarf and put on your favourite, deep-red lipstick. Voila! You are now transformed into a timeless icon. For some lighthearted, relatable humour, why not bust out your dishwashing gloves too? They are perfect replacements for the vintage elegant gloves once worn by screen sirens.

Brooklyn-based content creator Berta Amelinaite @bertainnyc is no stranger to sharing fashionable moments on Instagram, and prior to her attempt (and success) in re-creating Jenny’s produce bag look, Berta also aces this vintage beauty look. Take note of her classic tortoiseshell sunnies and cherry-patterned blouse too, which helped add a little more drama and flair to her couture get-up.

Build a (fashion) fort

This look is so effortless, you won’t even need to get out of bed for it. Another high-fashion look that has emerged from this #stayhome season is the #blanketchallenge, which simply requires you to wrap your blanket around your body, as if it were a billowy, haute couture gown.

Channel wedding vibes with an all-white duvet. In the mood for something more dramatic? Do like Polish model Wiktoria Zuzanna Goszcz @goszczi by opting for a silky, black number instead. Then, complete your outfit with sky-high heels and gently tousled locks. Luxury influencers were seen taking this challenge up a notch too with the #hermesblanketchallenge, where they showcased their not-so-subtle collection of the French luxury brand’s range of textiles (and lust-worthy handbags).

Will you be attempting this #homecouture challenge too?

(Cover photo from: @jennymwalton

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