My Melody Is The Star Of Chloé’s New Capsule Collection

Flaunt your love for your favourite little bunny

Let your inner child hop about with joy because French luxury brand Chloé has teamed up with Sanrio to bring you the ‘My Melody for Chloé’ limited-edition capsule collection.

Chloé x My Melody Capsule Collection

Chloé x My Melody Capsule Collection

The collection’s woody tote bags come in small (left) and medium (right) sizes. (Photos from: Chloe)

Sanrio’s loveable bunny adds a refreshing touch to Chloe’s signature Woody tote bags and basket-like bags. The My Melody for Chloé woody tote bags come in small and medium sizes (both are priced at USD1,344 or around SGD1779.60). Aside from bags, the collection also features t-shirts, hats, and caps that might be your must-haves for your next sunny summer getaway.

Chloé x My Melody Capsule Collection

Let Melody help you add a spark of colour to your style. (Photos from: Chloe and @sanriosingapore)

But the collection doesn’t stick to showcasing Melody’s usual red hood. You’ll find that the sweet bunny looks good in blue and other playful colours too. The small-sized basket bag (USD884 or around SGD1170.51) with a fun little pompom attached to it features Melody in an intricate floral-covered blue hood. The designs on the collection’s cotton shirts (USD538 or around SGD712.37) feature the bunny in a rainbow-coloured hood.

The collection also has something for you if you’re looking to add a sporty vibe to your style. It brings you a deep-coloured denim bucket hat (USD474 or around SGD627.63). If bucket hats aren’t your thing, you can go for a denim-coloured My Melody for Chloé cap or a beige canvas-styled one (USD372 or around SGD489.92).

Where to buy the Chloé x My Melody Capsule Collection in Singapore

You can buy the pieces online via, or shop at selected boutiques in Singapore and Malaysia.

(Cover photo from: @sanriosingapore)

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