Visiting Busan? Add These 5 Amazing Spots To Your Checklist

There’s more to South Korea than just Seoul!

If you’re a K-pop fan or just a hallyu fan in general, you would’ve surely heard of Busan City. Idols like SEVENTEEN’s Woozi and BTS’ Jungkook were born here and BTS’ ‘Yet to Come’ concert in 2022 also took place in this city. But there are a lot of other things this port city is known for. 

So, we’re getting into the things you can do in Busan, if you plan to explore outside of Seoul, South Korea this year. Who knows, Busan might be your new favourite destination!

Fun fact: Busan is South Korea’s largest port city

Busan, South Korea

The cityscape in Busan, South Korea. (Photo from: @visitbusan.en)

Busan is South Korea’s largest port city and the second most populated city in the country next to Seoul. It’s located on the southeasternmost part of the Korean peninsula, hence it’s home to many beautiful beaches. It is also known for its mountains and temples which will leave you speechless once you see them in person.

Here are five sights and activities to explore and try when you visit Busan.

1. Surfing at Gwangalli Beach

Because of its many beaches, Busan is popular with tourists who love water sports like surfing. These enthusiasts would travel to the city just to go into the water and surf on the clear blue waters. Be sure to check out Gwangalli Beach as it’s one of the top surfing destinations in the area. You can also try your hand at paddle boarding during the summer — you can rent the equipment at the beach itself at an affordable price.

2. Visit the Yongdo Beokchonsa Temple

Consider spending a quiet and refreshing time at the Yongdo Beokchonsa Temple at any time of the day. Located in a coastal area, the temple overlooks the Namhang Bridge and Songdo Sea, which makes the views stunning whether you visit at night or during the day. It’s also a great spot to relax and appreciate life — as cheesy as it might sound — since it has a peaceful ambience.

3. Try local delicacies at homegrown restaurants

Koreans are known for their delicious dishes that are now popular around the world. Indeed, food brings people together and is a great way for us to explore one another’s local culture. Given the city’s proximity to the sea, you can find plenty of delicious seafood dishes in Busan. There are also restaurants in the area that have been around for decades, serving delicacies such as webfoot octopus and milmyeon (cold wheat noodles) that will leave you wanting more.

4. Admire cherry blossoms in the spring

Ever dreamt of seeing cherry blossoms in person? Look no further as Busan also has cherry blossom trees of their own that bloom towards the end of March until April. There are also recommended locations to visit during cherry blossom season to see them bloom: Daejeo Eco Park, Haeundae Dalmajigil Road and Dongdaesin-dong Cherry Blossom Street, to name a few.

5. Go trekking in the mountains with friends

Cardio alert! If you and your friends are workout lovers, it might just be a great idea to trek at a mountain in Busan. The mountains in this city are beautiful and lush, making for a wonderful albeit tiring adventure in Busan. You can even trek Busan’s highest peak, Geumjeongsan, which stands at 801.5 metres above sea level! You can also make a pit stop at the  local restaurants here and discover cultural structures during your trek for a more holistic experience.

Which attractions in Busan have you added to your list?

(Cover photos from: @visitbusan.en)

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