5 Stylish Luggage Sets For Revenge Travel

Travel in style

Now is a great time to invest in stylish luggage sets that will elevate your looks for revenge travel. While going back to the days when we can travel freely is still a pipedream for now, it doesn’t mean the day when we can go on exciting adventures won’t come. So when it does, you’d want to be ready for that long-awaited escapade. Check our five stylish luggage picks featuring different designs to suit your taste and needs.

Purple luggages

USD179.99 (Photo from: shop.americantourister.com)

Purple is everywhere these days; it’s no wonder it’s been dubbed the “It colour” of the moment — and it’s not going away from the spotlight anytime soon. If you fancy this hue, then you’d be delighted to get the American Tourister Curio 2-Piece Set. It has a hard polypropylene shell, perfect for when you’re carrying fragile items like perfume bottles or figurine souvenirs. Another highlight of this piece is the multiple interior compartments that help you stay organised while on the go. No more rummaging through your luggage in the middle of the airport!

Classic and lightweight: RIMOWA Hybrid

White Luggage and Backpack Set

Left - Hybrid Cabin, USD850; Right - Never Still Backpack, USD1090 ( Photo from: rimowa.com)

Not all of us would jump back to international travel right away once revenge travel season sets in. Some would prefer to take weekend road trips to the beach or the lush countryside. If this sounds like you, what you may prefer is a lightweight and stylish luggage set for easy mobility. Look no further than the RIMOWA Hybrid Cabin, the travel-friendly luggage designed for short but sweet trips. It’s dressed in a classic shade of white complemented with grey accents and pairs perfectly with the matching Never Still Backpack, which you can bring with you during hikes or picnics. You don’t have to worry about the colours of this stylish luggage set clashing with your outfit because crisp white will always work well with any hue.

Roomy and personalised: July Checked Trunk & Weekender

Luggage and weekender set

Left- Checked Trunk, USD395; Right - Carry All Weekender, USD195 (Photo from: july.com)

Do you have a lot of literal baggage to deal with? Even if you’re travelling with someone, it can be hard to keep track of all your luggage especially if you have more than three bags to look after. The worst thing that could happen is you may forget to pick up one of those in a hurry to board the plane. That’s why when you’re travelling with an extensive wardrobe (we can’t fault you for wanting to showcase your looks!), try to keep your luggage to two pieces. How can that be possible? With a roomy trunk and a matching weekender bag from up-and-coming Australian luggage brand July. Their Checked Trunk will allow you to pack more items and you can make it a set with the Carry All Weekender which also has a lot of space for you to put on your carry-on essentials. As a bonus, the brand also offers a personalised monogram service so you can mark your luggage and avoid a switcheroo at the conveyor belt.

Chic and Parisian-inspired: Delsey Chatelet Air

Parisian stylish luggage

Left - Chatelet Air Trolley Case, ~USD587.35; Right - Chatelet Air Tote Beauty Case, ~USD279.12 (Photo from: delsey.com)

Inspired by the elegant aesthetic of Parisian fashion, the Delsey Chatelet Air matching trolley case and tote beauty case luggage set is as stylish as they come. But these two don't just look good, they also have great functionality. The trolley case is equipped with an anti-theft “closing system” and features silent easily moveable wheels. Like the trolley case, the beauty case is also well-built to hold your personal items and has a nifty secured loop at the back so you can attach it to your trolley’s puller with ease. Say chic!

Vintage-inspired: Steamline The Botanist

Pink luggages with tropical print handbag set

Left - The Botanist Pink Stowaway, USD777; Right - The Botanist Pink Mini, USD282 (Photo from: steamlineluggage.com)

Love vintage looks? Complete your dreamy Bridgerton-inspired outfits with this super pretty, soft-girl approved Steamline matching stylish luggage set from their The Botanist Collection. The Botanist Stowaway Luggage features a soft rose exterior with hints of beige while the inner showcases a tropical print. On the other hand, the Botanist Pink Mini Carry-On has a tropical print on the outside and a soft rose and beige colourway on the inside. Overall, it’s a very eye-catching matching set. Worried that it would soon get dirty after all the tossing and tumbling it has to endure during check-in? Fret not, it comes with a ripstop cover to protect your beautiful luggage from dirt and scratches. The stowaway luggage also has a hanging travel kit, TSA-approved lock and a durable body. Just because it’s vintage-inspired doesn’t mean it’s not equipped with modern-day technology.

Which of these stylish luggage sets would you take to your future revenge travels?

(Cover photo from: @july)

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