Here’s Where You Can Buy Adorable Mummy & Me Matching Pieces

Winning on twinning

Want to start wearing mummy and daughter matching outfits but don’t know where to buy pieces that pair well? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Creating mummy and daughter matching outfits doesn’t have to be a struggle. With these picks, you can easily coordinate your looks — whether they’re for casual everyday outfits or glam ones for special occasions. It’s time to take your twinning game to the next level.

For jewellery: Go for Poh Heng’s elegant designs

Baby gold jewellery with bells and teddy bear

(Left) Jingle Bell Pendant, ~USD281.32. (Right) Rubber Duck Pendant, ~USD229.49 .

Adding twinning jewellery to mummy and daughter matching outfits can be tricky. Accessories made for little ones usually have young designs with cartoon-inspired elements that may not be great to pair with your “mummy look”. Instead of wearing the same exact piece, what you can do is match jewellery colours instead. One foolproof option is gold. Check out Poh Heng’s Baby Collection from the brand’s Created for Love series where you’ll find gold pieces for your baby. The necklaces, bracelets and anklets in this collection are all elegant and pair well with your own gold jewellery but still have a touch of fun with playful ornaments such as cute bells, duckies, clouds and more.

Mum matching with daughter and baby

(Left) Presenter Kelly Latimer with her children wearing Poh Heng Baby collection. (Right) Poh Heng Baby Bracelet, ~USD371.63.

The collection ties in with the experience of Pamela Seow, the Assistant General Manager of Poh Heng Jewellery and granddaughter to the brand’s founder Chng Tok Ngam. “My mother would gift me jewellery with every important milestone in my life,” she said. On her 16th birthday, Pamela was led to a scavenger hunt to find her gift which was a pair of earrings that she treasures to this day. “I hold such pieces with cherished memories and sentiments, and hope to pass them down to my daughter one day,” she said. True enough, these pieces are not just great for mummy and daughter matching outfits but jewellery that lasts will also hold a lot of memories through the years.

Shop these pieces at: Poh Heng Jewellery’s website and boutiques. Engraving services are also available for select pieces.

For matching outfits: Choose Love, Bonito’s chic selections

Matching the same exact outfits with your little one is fun, but did you know there’s a way to chicly do it? Selections from Love, Bonito’s Mummy & Me Matching Outfits are sure to delight you and help you with that.

Liu Tingzhi, who is the Head of Design at Love, Bonito, shares that thoughtful designs have always been the key for the brand. “We made sure that the colours and silhouettes complement both adults and children, and then, we took special care to modify each piece to best suit the wearer,” she said. “The ladies cut might feature a deeper V neckline and for the children’s version, we replace zippers or buttons with elastic bands so that it is comfortable and easier to pull over.”

Overwhelmed with all the cute pieces Love, Bonito has? Check out their bestselling prints first. Liu Tingzhi shares that prints resonate well with children and adults. We do agree that it’s versatile enough to fit both mummy’s and youngin’s tastes.

Woman in gingham

(Left) Olivie Tiered Gingham Dress, ~USD42.12. (Right) Elenore Gingham Peplum Top, ~USD27.32

Children wearing gingham

Children wearing the "mini versions": Issoria Tiered Gingham Dress (~USD27.32) and Carmine Gingham Peplum Top (~USD22.14).

But don’t forget to also check out their latest fruit-themed August collection. “We imagined children getting their hands dirty, running through the fields and the joy on their faces as they bite into fresh fruits. With that inspiration, we then designed a print featuring watercolour tones to ensure the overarching mood would still remain soft, feminine, and relatable,” Liu Tingzhi said.

Woman and children wearing printed clothing

(Left) Quince Cotton Tee in Fruity Harvest, ~USD25.10. (Right) Children wearing Jesse Unisex Cotton Tee in Fruity Harvest, ~USD12.51.

For those who like casual outfits for homewear, Liu Tingzhi recommends the Taletha Boxy Tee in Summer Seascape or the Quince Cotton Tee in Fruity Harvest. “They are versatile enough to be styled up or down, and ladies can pair it with their own unique bottoms and still be able to twin with their mini me — a perfect way to still inject some personal sense of style,” she said. Twinning with a twist!

Shop these pieces at: Love, Bonito’s website and stores.

For glam shoes: Pick PAZZION’s fancy pieces

Having a hard time looking for the best shoes to go with mummy and daughter matching outfits? You’re not alone. Back in 2011, PAZZION’s founder Tom Ng ran into the same problem. “I encountered difficulty finding fashionable and comfortable shoes for my daughter,” he shared. “As such, I decided to adapt the designs of some of PAZZION’s best-selling ladies’ shoes to develop the kids’ size. The concept of mother and daughter twinning shoes was well-received and since then became an ongoing part of PAZZION’s product ranges.”

Some of their bestselling shoes for mummy and daughter outfits include the cute Pom-pom Rounded Toe Flats and its mini version which are crafted from suede lambskin leather and fitted with padded footbeds and heel cushions for comfort.

Matching shoes for mummy and daughter

(Left) Green Pom-pom Rounded Flats, ~USD58.48. (Right) Green Kids Pom-pom Rounded Flats, ~USD48.86.

There’s also the Starlight Bow Glitter Espadrilles for mummy and daughter that feature a rounded toe soft upper and is coated in fun light-catching coarse glitter. Take your pick!

Shop these pieces at: PAZZION’s website and stores.

For a casual option: Check out Skechers’ latest release

If you’re on the hunt for sneakers that will add a splash of colour to mummy and daughter matching outfits, the recently released Skechers X Dr Seuss is a good pick. Skechers Singapore shares that one of the most popular designs from the collection is the Flex Glow – Lighted Things that’s crafted with a light-up feature and comes in a blue-and-red palette. Then, they recommend that mummies can do twinning with her child with the Uno - Jumps and Kicks which also has the same colour palette.

Shop these pieces at: Skechers’ website.

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