We Have Our Eyes On These Innovative Fashion & Beauty Picks This Month


This month, we’re exploring innovative fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products that we foresee being at the forefront of present and future trends. From anti-pollution cushion foundations to sustainable clothing, get to know the picks that caught our attention in this month’s Clozette Covets.

Charles & Keith Lucile Shoes

Jordianne, Deputy Editor

Charles & Keith Lucile Shoes styled photo

USD69 (Photo from: charleskeith.com)

“We’ve all seen multipurpose beauty products. But for some reason, the word ‘multi-use’ doesn’t seem to be extended to the fashion world (at least not intentionally because you can definitely mix and match and wear your clothes however and whenever you wish). So the Charles & Keith Lucile Shoes really intrigued me. They have a hybrid design that features sandals with padded straps and matching socks. So you can wear them two ways — the socks for indoors and the sandals (with or without the socks) outdoors. A new take on sustainable fashion? I’m definitely interested to know more about and try it.”

Gucci Beauty Cushion De Beauté

Amanda, Senior Features Writer and Campaign Executive

Gucci Beauty Cushion De Beauté product shot


“I love base products with a luminous finish so Gucci Beauty’s first-ever cushion foundation, called the Cushion De Beauté, made me really excited. The product uses high reflection index oils and mineral powders to create a nice glowy finish. It also hydrates the skin and offers antioxidant protection for up to 24 hours. But the best part? This cushion foundation boasts anti-pollution and anti-blue light properties, along with SPF22, to lower the risk of UV- and irritant-related damage. What’s not to love?”

Yasmina Q. Clemence Dress

Sheryl, Fashion Features Writer

Yasmina Q. Clemence Dress on model

USD500 (Photo from: yasminaq.com)

“The present (and future) of fashion is sustainable. I’d like to make a conscious effort to maximise my current wardrobe while making careful, considered choices before I buy anything new. This means investing in pieces that are made ethically and sustainably.

If I were to treat myself to a new fashion find, I’d love to splurge on the Clemence Dress by contemporary womenswear label Yasmina Q. This midi dress is in printed FSC-certified fluid fabric and features beautiful details, such as fluted sleeves and a flattering bias cut.”

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier

Laura, Creative Manager

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier product shot


“I have my eyes on the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier since I have sinus problems and very sensitive skin due to eczema. This sleek appliance has triple-filter protection that filters out all sorts of harmful substances in the air so I am very keen to get one. One of its many cool functions is it can be controlled with a phone app which helps to monitor the air quality outside and will recommend a good time to open or close the windows.”

(Cover photos from: Gucci Beauty, yasminaq.com, and Xiaomi)

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