5 Room Makeover Videos To Inspire Your Own Home Redesign

Some serious room inspo

Looking to change something in your life? Perhaps it's time to set your sights on a room makeover.

You, like a lot of people, may be craving for a change or feeling stuck in a rut. Given that a lot of companies are still encouraging work-from-home arrangements, the makeshift work desk you’ve been using may not be enough anymore. A recent study conducted by New York University researchers proposes that a small change of scenery or routine can improve your mood. Do you know what this means? It’s time for a room makeover!

But before you purchase that tub of paint, it’s best to do some research on the aesthetic you’re going for. Is it boho chic? Maybe a little bit of sophisticated glam? Going for a minimalist design this time around? Aside from your Pinterest boards, here are some room makeover videos you can watch to get some redesign inspiration.

Colour galore

Filipino content creator Rei Germar chose to inject pops of colour throughout her room. A custom-made wallpaper and bed frame (designed by Tanaw Studio) were the focal points of her room; the bed frame’s dusty rose hue and the wall’s dark green swatches really steals your attention. She also added an artsy curved mirror beside her bedroom doorway for her mirror selfies.

Home makeover tip: If you don’t want to pay the price for custom wallpaper, you can DIY it with paint. Just make sure to lightly sketch on your wall and cover it up with good-quality and opaque paint.

Content room aesthetic

Another content creator who recently did a room makeover is Niana Guerrero, who posts dance covers of popular songs. The look she was going for was a TikTok-inspired room with light strips accenting the two-toned painted walls. She also added a projector that mimics the galaxy on her ceiling. The only way to describe this room makeover is trendy but with a lot of personality.

Home makeover tip: Don’t be afraid to inject lots of personal touches. After all, this is your personal space. If you like anime or K-pop, posters and figurines are just some of the cute decor you can add to your room. It’s all a matter of styling the different elements to suit your needs and tastes. Make your room Instagrammable by following these tips.

Cosy and tidy

In the case of Ry Velasco, she opted to go the DIY route and treated her younger sister to a room makeover for a video. They started off with rearranging the furniture and adding organisational items like trays on the shelves. Then, they installed hanging shelves on the wall and boxes on top of the closet to fully maximise the use of the small space. The end result was a budget-friendly room makeover that even students can do in a jiffy.

Home makeover tip: Organisation and storage items are particularly important in smaller rooms. Make use of “empty” spaces like beneath your bed as other options for storing your possessions.

Artsy and functional

Speaking of students, YouTuber and university student Linh Truong completely changed the look of her studio apartment to match her personality. She painted her kitchen wall in a cool blue shade and the other half of the room in mint green to section off the different areas. Linh also added some plants to complete the relaxing vibe she was going for. For some artistic elements, she taped some curated prints beside her bed.

Home makeover tip: Designate areas in your room. If you don’t have an at-home office, then your work desk should be arranged for productivity while keeping your bed as solely for rest and sleeping. Aside from painting your walls, you can also create sections through shelves and tables to differentiate the separate areas from one another.

Pristine neutrals

Aside from colours, you need to consider the feelings you want your room to evoke. Do you want your bedroom to be an oasis of calm? Do you want to feel inspired whenever you’re in the room? Take notes from Malaysian studygrammer zyingxxi’s room makeover video. Her entire palette consists of beige and white, even with her desk accessories and bedsheets, so her room looked cohesive and styled.

Home makeover tip: If you want to create a calming space, one of the ways to do so is through colour. Serene hues such as white, green, and blue are colours that are typically used in bedrooms as these are said to be very calming. Other neutral colours like beige and taupe are also very calming and a fave among Korean apartments.

(Cover photo from: Kim Schouten via Unsplash)

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