Small Hacks For An Instagrammable Home

Tiny tweaks you can try

Now that a whole lot of us are stuck in our homes, we're bound to quickly become bored with our immediate environment. Staring at the same things far too often will naturally lead us to nitpick on some flaws our spaces have that we haven't noticed before. How do we fix that? We redecorate! You'd think it might be impossible to achieve that picture-perfect aesthetic you see on your IG feeds now that hardware and furniture stores are probably closed. But really, there are simple fixes you can do to spruce up your home. Ahead, we list down some home re-decorating tips for a cosy and pleasing space. 

Embrace minimalism 

Minimalist room

Keeping your things out of sight make for a more peaceful environment

A 2011 Rubbermaid survey says that 91 per cent of respondents feel overwhelmed at the sight of clutter. So, to reduce some stress and usher in a sense of pleasing order in your home, the first step you can take is clearing out clutter. Use this time to get rid of everything you don't need. You'll find that a lot of home redecorating tips keep mentioning this as it's really an effective way to increase walking space inside your house. More than that, leaving an overwhelming amount of stuff lying about overwhelms the senses and distracts your focus,according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Aside from helping your home be aesthetically pleasing, you're also creating a space that's conducive for your new work-from-home setup. With that, go right ahead and KonMari your belongings. Those that still spark joy, however, should be organised inside your cabinets and under your beds, neatly out of sight. 

Decorate organically

Plants on a table - home redecorating tips

Succulents are low-maintenance plants that add vibrance to your space

Stocked up on a bunch of fruits to boost your immunity? Arrange them in a bowl and make them the centrepiece of your dining table. They're refreshing — both for our health and our senses. Aside from that, plants are also great at sprucing up your home with subtlety and sophistication. Not only do they enliven the surroundings with their vibrant colour, but cultivating greens also releases feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine — putting all of us in a better mood, thereby benefitting our mental and emotional well-being. Though, if you're not sure you can take on the responsibility of caring for plants yet, why don't you practise your green thumb first in a calming mobile game

Go light


Invite light in your room by switching to light-coloured curtains

Having your walls painted white is one of the most common home redecorating tips. White reflects light, and it gives you an illusion of space and cleanliness that's perfect for the 'Gram. But the reality is, we can't just overhaul our homes right this instant. So, to invite bright, natural light that's an essential ingredient for the perfect flat lay, the least you can do for now is to avoid dark and heavy treatments. Coloured accents are great at giving interesting depth to your home, but as much as possible, choose light colours and fabrics for your curtains, sheets, and more. This will allow more light to bounce off and spread throughout the space. Lastly, if you have lamps at home, those with lighter shades can help diffuse light all over your place. They may be artificial, but the shades make them more subtle than harsh fluorescent fixtures.

Rearrange your surroundings


Clear the space by the window for a brighter room

Speaking of inviting light into your homes, another way you can do it is by rearranging your furniture and keeping them away from your windows. It's a huge task that might require a bit of help from someone, but placing huge items like couches elsewhere will prevent them from blocking the sunlight. While you're at it, you can also rearrange your things in a way that's more conducive to the flow of the room. If you find that you keep hitting your pinky toe at one specific spot, then perhaps it's time to find a better way to position it. What's great is the immediate sense of accomplishment that comes after all the heavy lifting and pivoting can boost your contentment and self-esteem

Be creative with your belongings


Memorabilia and other items you don't really use can serve as interesting accents to your bookshelf

The same philosophy can be applied with even the smaller objects in your home. Switch up different areas of your home by shifting objects from one area to another. For example, you can refresh your living area by switching the throw pillows from your bedroom with the ones that are usually on your couch. You can also up your shelfie game and start curating items from all over the house that fits the vibe you have in mind. This way, you can revamp your space without having to buy anything new. Quite economical, isn't it?

These are some tiny tweaks you can do to improve your home and the vibe it gives off. But the thing is, you really can't drastically remodel your space in an instant unless you have the means and willingness to switch up your house. So for now, what you can do is focus on one specific corner first, and work your way from that.

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