3 Ways To Nurture Friendships During The Pandemic

Go the extra mile in Skechers GOwalk 6

Maintaining friendships when you’re physically apart during this new normal can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Looking on the bright side of things, this can even spur you to devise new, creative ways for you to spend quality time with one another. Here are three easy ways to nurture friendships during the pandemic, featuring Skechers’ new GOwalk 6 shoe series and the Skechers Friendship Walk 2021.

Surprise one another with matching friendship items

Malaysian KOL Kayla Teh in Skechers shoes

Go the extra mile for your best friend by surprising her with a pair of Skechers GOwalk 6 shoes. (Image credit: @drkaylateh)

People express their affection in different ways, and one of the most common love languages — be it platonic or romantic — would be to shower each other with gifts. Consider making your best friend’s day by surprising her with a sweet, matching BFF gift to mark your everlasting friendship.

Why this works: Beyond its monetary value, delighting someone you care about with a thoughtful, practical gift shows how much you care about their happiness and needs. The Skechers GOwalk 6 is a great, everyday shoe that you and your BFF can confidently step out in for any casual or sporty occasion, as it’s designed with an Air-Cooled Goga Mat™ breathable insole to keep your feet cool in the heat.

For moments where you wish to don an athleisure-inspired look, you can depend on its lightweight ULTRA GO® cushioning midsole and high-rebound Hyper Pillar Technology™ for added support. Couple the above comfort-first features with its athletic engineered mesh upper and slip-on sneaker design, the GOwalk 6 takes care of your feet while supporting your new normal lifestyle. In all, it’s a comfortable companion that has your back — just like how your bestie has yours.

Avoid lurking around your friends’ social media — engage with them instead

Malaysian KOL Niena in Skechers shoes

Put on your best Skechers GOwalk6 shoes and engage with your friends through fun virtual challenges. (Image credit: @niena_azmann)

As its name suggests, social media is intended as a platform for people to interact with one another virtually. Unfortunately, some of us may have fallen prey to the habit of “lurking” around our friends’ social media feeds instead of engaging with them.

Beyond a double tap or a few swipes, try responding to your friends’ social updates occasionally by initiating short conversations with them. Additionally, why not engage with them further by suggesting fun, virtual activities that you can take part in together? From attempting a fitness challenge to re-creating recipes on TikTok, there are plenty of online events waiting for you and your best buds to explore.

Why this works: Switching from “lurking” to “engaging” is the first step in showing that you care for your friends and you’re keen to connect with them. Learn to be patient and mindful of their preferences too, so that you can show up for one another in the best way possible while being respectful of boundaries.

Stay active together with Skechers Friendship Walk 2021

Skechers Friendship Walk 2021 Malaysia Online Edition

Stay active with the Skechers Friendship Walk 2021 Online Edition.

Speaking of fun, virtual activities, there’s the Skechers Friendship Walk 2021 Online Edition, a free-to-join event that’s suitable for people of different types of physical fitness levels — from the gym bunny to the sofa spud. It’s a great way for you and your friends to stay active and in touch despite being physically apart from one another.

Held from now till 19 September, the event adopts a flexible, virtual format that invites you to accumulate steps on your fitness tracker or device and attain the targeted step goals during a two-week period. For a more relaxing routine, go with the 5,000 step category as you’ll only need to accumulate a daily average of around 358 steps. For more heart-pumping sweat sessions, attempt higher-level categories, which go up to 100,000 steps.

Skechers Finisher T-Shirt 2021

Receive a Skechers Friendship Walk 2021 Finisher t-shirt when you purchase the Premium Pack for MYR40.

Why this works: Staying inactive for prolonged periods of time can cause your mood to take a hit and negatively affect your physical health. As such, the Skechers Friendship Walk 2021 is a timely opportunity for you and your buddies to keep one another’s health in check in a fun, fuss-free manner. While you’re at it, capture and share moments of your walks too.

Skechers Finisher Medal 2021

The Skechers Friendship Walk 2021 Premium Pack includes a Finisher Medal as well.

Plus, there’re plenty of Skechers rewards up for grabs too. Receive a 20% off e-voucher on Skechers’ regular-priced shoes, bags and apparel when you sign up for the event. Upon completion, you’ll also redeem a special 30% off e-voucher on the brand’s latest GOwalk 6 shoes. To unlock additional perks including the chance to win a year’s supply of Skechers shoes, opt for the premium pack for just MYR40. Click here for more details about the event.

Step up your fitness game today with the new Skechers GOwalk 6, now available on Skechers.com.my, Shopee and LazadaDon’t forget to grab your best friend and sign up for the Skechers Friendship Walk 2021 too, which runs till 19 September.

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