Women In Sport: Get A Netball Rookie Crash Course With SEA Games Champion Charmaine Soh

When the ball is in your court

When we think of ball sports that we play leisurely, netball doesn’t usually immediately come to mind. However, it’s definitely a sport that deserves its time in the spotlight. Why? Watch what the two-time SEA Games champion and World Netball Athlete Ambassador for Asia Charmaine Soh has to say, plus see presenter Naomi Yeo get a rookie crash course — all in the name of fun. 

How is netball different from other ball sports?

Netball is a team sport to its core. Unlike basketball or volleyball where there are moments when you function solo as a member of a bigger team, netball is about functioning as a unit with your teammates. You need to pass the ball from one teammate to the next in three seconds and drive the play like so. Seven players play on the court and there are usually five substitutes in a team.

Netball develops a sense of community

Charmaine shares that when she started playing netball, her fears and challenges were purely individualistic. But because the basic principle of netball is to function like a limb of one body, one eventually starts thinking more about their teammates than themselves. “How do you make the team better?” or “How can time management be improved between each individual?” — these are just a couple of questions she started wondering about that eventually allowed her to forget her fears and challenges.

The drills exercise both the mind and the body

As with every team sport, strategies come into play when it comes to netball — and it’s not just in the game proper but also even in the drills. It challenges the mind to be analytical and the body to be versatile.

Want  to try netball? Watch the full video here to learn more about this exciting team sport.

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