Women In Sport: Discover The Basics Of Boxing With Instructor Jamie Victoria

Keeping up with the punches

What started as an impulse to try something new became a fervent passion that led our 'Woman In Sport' Jamie Victoria to become an instructor in the world of boxing. What is it about the sport that’s so compelling? "If you're up for a good sweat and you're looking for something that will teach you a different skillset altogether, like self-defence, then it is a really interesting sport to try out," says Jamie.

Want to learn how to throw a straight punch? Watch presenter Naomi Yeo take on a rookie crash course with Jamie and listen to what Jamie has to say about the basics of boxing and the charm of this dynamic sport.

Benefits of boxing

Some people might think that boxing is more focused on the upper body, but Jamie said that it actually helps you exercise everything from top to toe. Aside from your arms, your hips and your core play a vital role in creating power for each punch. It’s perfect for people who want to break a sweat and learn new defensive skills at the same time.

It’s normal to be intimidated by the sport at first

Jamie shared that she was intimidated when was just starting out because she didn’t think that her petite build was made for boxing. However, it helps to have friends who also want to try it out or who are already familiar with the sport. If you’re coming in it alone, she said that “setting boundaries” also helps you in getting acquainted with it. You can be very clear if you want no contact (a.k.a. doing the arm and footwork but no sparring) and just progress from there.

Know your terminologies

Boxing is a very popular sport so most people are already familiar with its common terminologies. There’s the straight punch, the cross (using your non-dominant hand), the jab (which comes from underneath your neutral position), and the hooks (which come from either side from an angle) to get you started. Once you know the basic terms, you’ll be ready to gear up and actually get started.

Curious to know more about boxing? Watch the full video here to learn more about this dynamic sport.

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