Does The ‘Mewing’ Trend Bring Out Your Jawline?

The mew era is here

Hoping to get a more defined jawline? A trend called ‘mewing’ is currently taking over social media and its simple exercise promises to do just that. As of writing, #mewing currently has 1.9 billion views on TikTok.

What is mewing?

Mewing is a practice that involves lifting your tongue to the roof of your mouth and then closing your lips. That’s it. It offers a way to sculpt your face without using makeup like contouring under the cheekbones. It’s not entirely a myth as its roots actually go way before the dawn of TikTok.

Mewing Exercises Trend

Teaching children ‘mewing’ results in an improved structure of the jaw.

For around 20 years now, mewing has been prescribed to children and adults who have trouble breathing. Proper breathing should be done through your nose, and your tongue should be gently resting at the roof of your mouth behind your teeth. This technique positively impacts a child’s growth and development.

Does mewing really work?

Mewing belongs to a larger category of myofunctional therapy exercises that usually need bulky appliances and months of treatment to be effective. In growing children, mewing dramatically improves the shape of the nose, lips, jawline, and chin.

Mewing Trend

Instantly look photogenic.

So, while the trend doesn’t really give long-lasting results, it comes in handy when you need a quick way to look good in your photos. Another tip: say the words “king” or “sing” while your tongue is in position for that extra sculpted look. For more permanent results, a gua sha facial massage might be what you’re truly looking for.

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