FAVE 5: Skin Love

Give it the TLC it needs

What's your secret to achieving healthy, glowing skin? Beyond the age-old advice of getting enough rest and keeping yourself hydrated and 'stress-free' as much as you can, there are also more than a few effective skincare tips and methods you can consider adopting to help your skin shine from within.

From exploring the latest beauty tech to spending quality time at the facialist's, here are five ways the Clozette Community is taking care of their skin and giving it the tender loving care it needs.

Trying out a LED mask

pink LED mask beauty technology
(Photo from: marialyssa)

Going for a facial

soothing facial
(Photo from: chardeocareza)

Exfoliating regularly

(Photo from: Lexiepuzon)

Slathering on sunscreen

suncare protection
(Photo from: thatgirltrixie)

Investing in a calming facial mist

facial mist skincare
(Photo from: Vinvola)

(Cover photo from: @lexiepuzon

Click here to check out five beauty masks which were tried-and-tested by the Clozette Community recently. 

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