'WandaVision'-Inspired Makeup Looks We're Marvelling Over

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With Disney+ finally available in Singapore (and coming soon to the Philippines, hopefully Malaysia as well), we can finally catch up on the hype around its popular series WandaVision. The “sitcom” starring the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s versions of Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) has captured viewers’ attention for the actors’ comedic timing and the interesting storyline. 

Now, we need to be honest. If you haven’t caught the show yet, come back once you have because there may be minor spoilers ahead. Though we’re talking about the different WandaVision-inspired makeup looks that have popped up across our socials lately, we’ll be providing some context surrounding their importance on the show, so read on at your own risk!

The Glitch

The most popular WandaVision-inspired makeup look is what we’ve dubbed “The Glitch”, a half-and-half look with one side in a black-and-white retro theme and the other in more modern colours. It represents the show’s promotional material featuring the ‘50s television style that was used in the first episode, where we see Wanda and Vision attempting to blend in and figure out their new home life in Westview.

Achieve it by: using good face paint. Snazaroo is a trusted brand among our WandaVision makeup artists for its creamy water-based face paints.

The classic Wanda

Wanda’s signature Scarlet Witch costume is memorable, so you’d probably recognise it even if you’re not a fan of the Marvel comics. It also made an appearance on the series in Episode 6, the Halloween episode, which was teased months before. Aside from the headpiece and her voluminous hair, Wanda’s classic look features her scarlet red lipstick that grabs your attention. 

Achieve it by: applying a deep red liquid lipstick like the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment Lipstick in Starwoman (SGD40/~USD30.29).

The Vision

Wanda wasn’t the only one who got to don her original costume in Episode 6, Vision did too! Some talented makeup artists tried their hand at recreating Vision’s android look in the Glitch manner as well. Similar to the Glitch, you need to use face and body paint to paint on Vision’s colours. Then, draw fine lines to mimic the metal plates for Vision’s body.

Achieve it by: using good brushes to nail the details. The ZOEVA Complete Set (SGD215/~USD162.83) has a good assortment of varying sized brushes that you can use for this look and more. 

The cut-crease and eyeliner

Some don’t want a full face of WandaVision-inspired makeup, so they chose to focus on eye makeup instead. This cut crease look takes inspiration from Vision’s signature look in the comics and the Glitch trend that’s all over TikTok and Instagram. Half of the eyeliner uses a grey or white liquid eyeliner while the other half is a bold red hue.

Achieve it by: using a pigmented eyeliner like the SHISEIDO Kajal Inkartist in Rose Pagoda and Nippon Noir (SGD38/~USD28.78) for the cut crease and along your lash line. The sharper, the better.

The wearable one

Of course, we need to have one WandaVision-inspired makeup look that we can wear anywhere. This look pairs a sharp red winged eyeliner with a bold red lip and eyes adorned with red gemstones. But we really love the wispy lashes that make this look so wearable and natural. It’s very reminiscent of Wanda’s au naturel look during the ‘70s episode.

Achieve it by: putting on some volumising mascara and the most fluttery false eyelashes you can find. We’re thinking of using the ARDELL Lift Effect False Eyelashes (SGD12/~USD9.09) for this look.

Will you be trying these looks once you’ve caught up on the show? Don’t forget to tag #Clozette on Instagram when you post about them.

(Cover photo from: @marvel)

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